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Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
22nd November 2008

It’s a few weeks ago that we heard them life, but at the last two month of the year the guys of ZERAPHINE will bring the snow to fusion. On 21st November they played in Aschaffenburg (Germany, ColosSaal) and one day later at the Postbahnhof Berlin. The hall was well-stocked. I like the atmosphere at the Postbahnhof very much. Sound and light are nice every time I saw a concert there. As well as today!

There are 2 dates left this year to see Sven Friedrich live:
ZERAPHINE: 06.12.08 - Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
SOLAR FAKE: 24.12.08 - Leipzig, Moritzbastei

Sven Friedrich (voc, programming)
Norman Selbig (guitars)
Manuel Senger (guitars, b-voc)
Michael Nepp (bass)
Marcellus Puhlemann (drums)

Music & Performance
Norman and Sven built the band HELIX after the splitting of DREADFUL SHADOWS in the year 2000. After a while they found out that another band has an identical name. So they found the Hebrew word “Seraph” ( which was an inspiration for the name ZERAPHINE. “Chanted Emotions” is a wording that describes very well how it feels to listen to ZERAPHINE, especially to the voice of singer Sven Friedrich. The musical roots go back to Gothic-Rock paired with alternative sounds. When you listen to the lyrics you know, that you could construing a million stories, just as well is the interesting thing that you don’t know what is an authentic part of their lives put into the lyrics and what is not.

ZERAPHINE started accurate at 8:00pm, because they had to finish playing at 10:30pm. And they had to play many (and also NEW) songs! Sven, Norman, Marcellus, Manuel and Michael seemed to be very happy to be on stage. Their eyes were shining. I had the feeling, that the mood between the band members was very casual and comical. This energy emerged to the people. Not later than ‘Die Wirklichkeit’ was played, the audience was in a great hand-clapping-movement. They jumped and shouted the song-lyrics. With every new beat of Marcellus Puhlemann’s drums, they were more enthusiastic. ‘Louisa’ is one of the new songs and the crowd calmed down a little bit because they wanted to hear it energized.

It was a really magic concert with a warm and gently family-feeling. Sometimes in the past, I noticed that Sven has a similar emission on every concert and I wasn’t sure, if I want to see it again, when I know, how it would be. But something is happened. There are little expressions into his face. Very cool! I liked it so much. I could feel his emotion, when I saw his face. And also the other members of the band carried the content in a nice way! Under brawly acclaim ZERAPHINE came back to stage for the addition - actually twice. The last song was ‘Louisa’ again. Sven told us, that he wanted to give us a little melody for the way home. And it worked. I heard it a second time and it was a catchy song. Hopefully it will be heard on the next album. But it isn’t sure, if the song will change this title. I’m curious about it!

01. I never want to be like you
02. No more doubts
03. Toxic Skies
04. Still
05. Kaltes Herz
06. Siehst Du mich
07. Die Macht in Dir
08. Failing breath
09. Deine Welt
10. Light your stars
11. Die Wirklichkeit
12. Louisa (NEW)
13. Wonderland
14. I’m numb
15. In der Tiefe
16. I’ll follow you
17. United and lost
18. Ohne Dich
19. River of you
20. Inside your arms
21. Be my rain
22. No tears
23. Stop pretending
24. Sterne sehen

25. Flieh mit mir
26. Fang mich
27. I will be there
28. Wenn Du gehst
29. Out of the void
30. State of the moment
31. Louisa (NEW, repeating for the way home)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10

All pictures by Nadine Ginzel (

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