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gotthardMusikhalle, Markneukirchen, Germany
14th June 2024
Gotthard - Very Special Guests: Eclipse, The New Roses

Last Friday GOTTHARD were guests at the Musikhalle Markneukirchen. They were accompanied by ECLIPSE and THE NEW ROSES. This evening was my second time at the venue. I was already a guest in March when U.D.O. played there. The Musikhalle Markneukirchen is a very modern hall. The sound of the PA system is great and so is the lighting. I know many live event locations in Saxony and the hall is state of the art in terms of sound and lighting. The two concert evenings that I was able to experience there absolutely convinced me of the location. For the good work that is done there, I wish continued success and well-attended events.


The evening was opened by ECLIPSE from Sweden. ECLIPSE are one of the pioneers of the new wave of Swedish Hard Rock bands and with their (still) current album ‘Megalomanium’ were able to build on the great success of their predecessors ‘Wired’ and ‘Paradigm’ and the hit single ‘Viva La Victoria’. The audience was enthusiastic from the first song. What a great opening to the evening. ECLIPSE were celebrated by the audience and rewarded with lots of cheers and applause.

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The New Roses

THE NEW ROSES were able to follow on very well and delighted their fans. The band stands for authentic “working class rock music” that puts the song and the connection with the audience at the centre of their work.

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After the two very good support bands, GOTTHARD took the stage and conquered the audience at once. Wow, the band and fans celebrated a brilliant headliner show. With 16 No.1 albums, GOTTHARD were able to put together an impressive setlist for their fans. Fans will remember this evening for a long time and I am sure that they will return to the Musikhalle Markneukirchen. In our gallery you will find some impressions from the concert evening.

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All Pictures by Silvio Pfeifer

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