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Corey TaylorRuhrCongress, Bochum, Germany
10th June 2024
Corey Taylor - “Europe 2024” - Support: Siamese

COREY TAYLOR played his first solo concerts ever on German soil in Berlin and Cologne in 2023. The tickets sold out so quickly that Taylor even announced an additional show in Cologne, which also sold out. For those who missed out, there is good news: in the summer of 2024, the SLIPKNOT front man will return to Germany for two shows. On June 10, he played in Bochum, supported by SIAMESE from Denmark.


Danish Rock band SIAMESE from Copenhagen was founded as SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH in 2011. Singer Mirza Radonjica described SIAMESE’s music as a tough mix of Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and Heavy Metal. He said the first two studio albums were a blend of SYSTEM OF A DOWN and INCUBUS, and added that fans of BRING ME THE HORIZON, ISSUES, HANDS LIKE HOUSES, and PERIPHERY would enjoy his band. So far, the band released six albums, the latest ‘Home’ was out in 2021. SIAMESE consists of Mirza Radonjica (vocals), Andreas Krüger (guitar), Mark Nommesen (bass), Christian Hjort Lauritzen (violin) and Joakim Stilling (drums). /

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Corey Taylor

In September 2023, Taylor released his second solo album, ‘CMF2’. On this album, he is not only heard on the microphone, but also plays lead and rhythm guitar, piano, and mandolin. The spectrum ranges from loud Rock songs with lots of screaming to Country-esque ballads. Consequently, his shows, which he performs with his band including guitarists Zach Throne and Christian Martucci, drummer Dustin Robert, and bassist Eliot Lorango, cover the entire range of his artistic work: in addition to songs from his two solo albums, there are also songs from STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT, as well as some cover versions on the setlist. How do his solo shows differ from tours with SLIPKNOT? “With SLIPKNOT, it’s sometimes difficult to be the classic front man. When I play solo, I just go on stage and try to entertain the audience as best as I can - whether that means telling a terrible dad joke or sitting down with the acoustic guitar and completely opening up,” COREY TAYLOR recently revealed in a major Eventim interview. He also spoke about unforgettable stage moments, bandmates on fire, smelly masks, and tears on stage. /

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00. Intro: The Box
01. Post Traumatic Blues
02. Made of Scars (Stone Sour song)
03. Black Eyes Blue
04. We Are the Rest
05. Song #3 (Stone Sour song)
06. Beyond
07. Before I Forget (Slipknot song)
08. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Painty the Pirate & Kids cover)
09. Snuff (Slipknot song)
10. From Can to Can’t (Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen & Scott Reeder cover)
11. Talk Sick
12. Home
13. Midnight
14. Through Glass (Stone Sour song)
15. The Killing Moon (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
16. 30/30-150 (Stone Sour song)
17. Duality (Slipknot song)

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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