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siamesefightingfish wearesound
Artist: Siamese Fighting Fish
Title: We Are The Sound
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 24th October 2011
Label: Mighty Music

Album Review

SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH (SFF) have re-released their debut album ‘We Are The Sound’ on a more widespread set of labels for fans to enjoy. Not wanting to make it feel like a complete rehash, the band has included three new tracks compared to the original which only included ten of the thirteen. The new tracks are OK… a song like ‘Party Like Charlie Sheen’ is obviously a poke at the cultural phenomena that has occurred earlier in 2011, but it doesn’t really measure up to the scope of the other tracks. They could easily pass for B-sides. For those who have not heard this Danish six-piece, the group takes a blend of Alternative Rock, Indie Dance, Metal, and even some Folk for a varied spread of an album. Most notable are the Middle Eastern influences, which is thanks to Balkan lead singer Mirza Radonjica who finds the band as his ultimate release. Tracks like ‘Chronicles Of Lovers’ feature slow, melodic passages and low, harmonic backing vocal passages that feels like chanting. Other times it shows the harsher side that is full of aggressive chugs and screaming vocals that would appeal to those who enjoyed groups like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Notably, these screaming moments of Metal are few and far between, but certainly present to give a more diverse sound as opposed the INCUBUS/ PANIC AT THE DISCO Rock influenced structure that mostly gives the album its bulk. ‘Sundance’ is probably the heaviest track of all, featuring a blend of harsh and clean vocals but the guitars invoke a lot more distortion than usual.

‘The Day Me…’ includes a bit more of a Dance Pop atmosphere, showing the band’s slower side as opposed to the energetic, yet steady Rock tinged aggression on a track like ‘Gods On TV’. Some critics have even cited some influences of bands like SYSTEM OF A DOWN and SCARS ON BROADWAY for a rather “schizophrenic” atmosphere that sometimes feel like there is more than one vocalist on the set with how quickly things can change from melodic singing to sharp, sudden barks of speech. Another major highlight on this track is the work of the violin by Jonas Klitgaard, who brings some folk elements to make this more than just an average piece. On other tracks like ‘For You’, the guitars tone down a bit for the violin to shine through, but then the violin tones down too to create this delicate sound that sounds like it would come from APOCALYTICA if the group turned to more of a Rock structure as opposed to Metal. Overall, the strong presence of Rock is there, even though the band has cited on more than one occasion that they are more Metal based. However, this album is a bit too soft to be considered that. And perhaps that is a good thing. It’s hard to draw a direct comparison for the band as opposed to saying there are influences of this and that here and there, which makes SFF all the more worth listening to.


01. Chronicles Of Lovers - 4:39
02. K.I.T.T And The Heroic Villains - 5:19
03. The Day Me And My Friend Quit Diet Coke - 4:49
04. Gods On TV - 4:30
05. Vilo Moja - 3:46
06. Sundance - 3:35
07. Dressed To The Nines - 4:45
08. Emily - 4:37
09. Perfect Human Being - 4:04
10: For You - 4:41
11. A Liar Cried Wolf - 4:55
12. Don't Try This Alone - 3:14
13. Party Like Charlie Sheen - 3:16


Andreas Kruger - Guitar
Jonas Klitgaard - Violin
Mirza Radonjica - Vocals
Morten Jakobsen - Bas
Rasmus Krøyer - Guitar
Villads Berg - Drums


Cover Picture

siamesefightingfish wearesound


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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