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re-legion 111111
Artist: Re:\Legion
Title: 11.11.11
Genre: Electronic/ EBM
Release Date: 11th November 2011
Label: e-noxe

Album Review

Since their debut album ‘13 Seconds’ released in 2007, RE:\LEGION have caused quite a stir in clubs due to songs like ‘Nachthexen’, ‘DN38416’ or ‘Legion’. The symbiosis between pounding electronic beats, spherical strings and elaborated synth melodies has become the band’s distinctive style by now. The two legionnaires Martin Cremers and Oliver Schmitz are steadily developing this style. On November 11th, 2011 RE:\LEGION released their third studio album, the double disc ‘11.11.11’. The concept behind this title is more than just the release date: Disc 1 contains 11 new and unreleased songs, which reflect the diverse spectrum of the band - a balancing act between melodic and underground synths, once more reveal the trance elements characteristic of RE:\LEGION. Disc 2 consists of 11 remixes of all three RE:\LEGION albums, which have been released so far.

Good placement in de DAC charts, nice cover artwork and continuously good music seems to be the reason for RE:\LEGION to become more and more famous. But the same as I said while writing the last review for the album they released before - their work always reminds me on VNV NATION… the artwork of the latest RE:\LEGION album ‘11.11.11’ e.g. reminds me of the judgement artwork. Song titles like ‘Sentinel’, ‘Legion’ or ‘PTR2011’ (which reminds me of PTF2012) are obviously impressions which they’ve gotten from VNV NATION. What I really like is the collaboration with CHROM - also a nice band with nice music. I know the members of RE:\LEGION personally and call especially Oliver as a friend of mine and I can say that they like their work and that’s what the audience might notice while listening to this masterpiece. Enjoy!


01. PTR2011 01:36
02. War:dance 06:09
03. Legion 2011 05:44
04. Zom:beat 06:00
05. Sentinel 06:23
06. En:trance 06:09
07. Gigantomanie 04:27
08. War of Babylon 04:59
09. Sea:cret (feat. spacygirl76) 07:03
10. Bored 2011 05:44
11. Sleeping with Shadows 11:12

01. War:dance (T3RR0R 3RR0R r3M1x) 04:34
02. Sentinel (CHROM Remix) 06:11
03. Persona non grata (Exilanation Remix) 04:36
04. Iceangel 2011 (feat. Ziya) 05:21
05. Line B (SBF Mix 2.011 feat. KAataxia) 05:04
06. War:dance (DEVILSIGHT Remix) 07:02
07. Legion (Marching Remix by The Dark Unspoken) 04:22
08. Persona non grata (DEN.C.T.BUG Remix) 04:13
09. Sentinel (Stronghold Mix) 05:30
10. Nachthexen ( Remix) 06:08
11. Persona non grata (Coffee House Mix) 03:31


Martin Cremers – lyrics, melodic concepts, song structure aesthetics, production, voice
Oliver Schmitz – harmonic concept, seriously damaged programming, sound mixing, voice
Micha – mastering, live drums

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re-legion 111111


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Artwork: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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