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siamesefightingfish breatheseemove
Artist: Siamese Fighting Fish
Album: Breathe See Move
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 12th August 2013
Label: Mighty Music

Album Review

'Breathe See Move' is the second effort from one of Denmark's alternative rock spotlight, SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH. For those who have never heard this group before, they actually incorporate more progressive elements than the average rock group that seems to fall in line of the more popular bands out there. Think of the group as if PERIPHERY met TANTRIC as far as sound is concerned. Some tracks are straight, hard aggressive chuggers with a catchy rhythm and a mix of screaming and singing such as ‘Crap Is The New Black’, this will definitely appeal to more of the hard rock fans. In this track and several others, listeners will notice that the group incorporates lots of violin which gives the band much more of an attractive edge over the more run-of-the-mill sound. It is very classical and mixes well with the music- hence the TANTRIC reference. In fact, hearing tracks like ‘Give In’ after fifteen seconds of guitar rhythm it sounds like a few riffs were borrowed from the song ‘Regret’ on the album ‘The End Begins’. Whether or not this is a bit of direct homage to the band, it is no coincidence that SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH definitely have some TANTRIC influence on their music... thankfully the group does not try to outright copy the sound.

As the album progresses listeners will notice that the band tries to keep a happy medium between hard and soft as far as sound goes. Very few tracks ever really leave the alt. rock territory and cross into angry, alternative metal. Aside from scathing, powerful anthems that will really push one to pay attention such as ‘Don't Try This Alone’ (which also incorporates layered vocals that give an effect similar to SYSTEM OF A DOWN's work) and ‘Scarred By Omen’ (the album's crushing closer), the group aims to make the music accessible - giving plenty of great guitar melodies that synchronize with the violin more and more on the second half of the album compared to the first to draw in hard rock and alternative rock fans altogether. Here and there the violin may feel a bit overdone such as on the track ‘A Liar Cried Wolf’, but the band never steps into a section that sounds cheesy. Always trying to mix things up a bit despite their staple sound, the band even incorporates guest singers such as the female vocals on ‘Yes Say No’ which is a nice surprise. As a result, this secondary effort overall for SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH is on par if not better than their debut effort and should keep fans gravitated as well as attract new ones who like a merge of classical and rock together without being overproduced.


01. H.A.U.T. - 3:35
02. Party Like Charlie Sheen - 3:10
03. The World Might Have Seen Better - 4:43
04. Crap Is The New Black - 3:35
05. Give In - 4:47
06. Discodad - 3:24
07. A Liar Cried Wolf - 4:38
08. How Long Will It Take - 5:26
09. Don't Try This Alone - 3:12
10. Yes Say No - 4:34
11. Scarred By Omens - 3:43


Mirza Radonjica – vocals
Andreas Krüger – guitar
Rasmus Krøyer – guitar
Morten B. Jacobsen – bass
Joakim Stilling – drums
Christian H. Lauritzen – violin


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siamesefightingfish breatheseemove


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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