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trustedfew andthenweforgot
Artist: Trusted Few
Title: And Then We Forgot
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 24th October 2011
Label: Mighty Music

Album Review

Danish based TRUSTED FEW recently released their first debut, ‘And Then We Forgot’. It is a blend of Alternative Rock and Metalcore, touching on influences between RISE AGAINST and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. With a dual assault of vocals, there is an equal blend between brutality and calm, often taking the Modern Metal approach of harsh verses and clean choruses. Tracks like ‘Victor Is Always The Author’ and ‘Rain Kill’s Machine’ are more Technical Metal based with a lot more breakdowns and a bit more complexity compared to ‘Did It Go Well’ which mostly features hard, chugging rhythms that are more straightforward and touch on the Hardcore vein. Other tracks like ‘Dead Leaves’ and ‘Just Another Trench War’ include more use of the clean vocals and the guitars are a bit more melodic as opposed to the heavier ones and don’t sound as chaotically technical, although there is a healthy blend of harsh vocals sometimes thrown in to keep the track as heavy as possible so it can still be considered “Metal”.

Overall there isn’t really anything new to what TRUSTED FEW are doing as far as musical structure. Traces of numerous bands are found in their music, but it is also very hard to pin an exact comparison on them as well. This gives the group a bit of an edge as far as trying to get new fans who are tired of hearing far too many bands copying each other and trying to get involved with something new. Since Rock and Metal has been around for so long it is very difficult to find a band that is completely new and original, so there may be bits and pieces of this album such as “The Cold Sea Of Legacy” that draws a bit too much on generic structures and can do things a bit over the top, such as with the clean vocals trying to throw in that extra waver and sounding a bit like Serj Tankian from SYSTEM OF A DOWN, or a bit like how Power Metal singers like to enhance their vocals, and it just doesn’t suit the music. But, these instances are rare, as fans will find throughout TRUSTED FEW’S debut that there are few fallacies within the Rock and Metalcore.


01. The Cold Sea Of Legacy
02. Victor Is Always The Author
03. Just Another Trench War
04. Normalized Perfection
05. It’s Funny How Blood Works
06. Senile Tendencies
07. Did It Go Well
08. Dead Leaves
09. Rain Kill’s Machine
10. New
11. Creating A False Hope
12. Bonus Track


Adam Johan Wengel Hansen – Drums
Philip vesterager Brage – Guitar
Andreas Juliussen – Bass and Vocals
Johan Jack Pedersen – Vocals


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trustedfew andthenweforgot


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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