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maximo park streamoflifeMAXÏMO PARK announce their new album ‘Stream Of Life’, which will be released on September 27th via Lower Third. With the single ‘Your Own Worst Enemy’, following the first release ‘Favourite Songs’ in March, the UK band gives another taste of their eighth studio album. In November, MAXÏMO PARK will also be on tour in Germany.

For ‘Stream Of Life’, the band once again teamed up with Ben Allen (GNARLS BARKLEY, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE), the Grammy-winning producer with whom the band also collaborated on the previous album ‘Nature Always Wins’ (2021). Due to the pandemic, it was the first time in eight years that they were all in the studio together. The band finds itself in perhaps the most contemplative phase it has ever been in. Lead singer Paul Smith took the title of the album from a short story by the Ukrainian-born Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, inspired by her stream of consciousness and the way she prompts reflection on the inner mechanisms of people. Lispector raises the question of why we do the things we do, even when they may seem contradictory to outsiders.

Each person has an inner flow - a stream of life, so to speak. “We've always tried to document the world around us at each stage of our lives while subtly nudging the music forward each time - this record continues that mission,” explains the band. “Working with Ben in Atlanta, and Burke in Byker, was as stimulating as it’s ever been, and I think we captured that energy.” Both the form and the concept flow into the creation of ‘Stream Of Life’ - quick recordings, quick decisions, and no excessive self-correction, while the songs address a variety of themes, including passions, politics, and privileges.

The new single ‘Your Own Worst Enemy’ describes the things we hide from ourselves and others to maintain our inner balance. “‘Your Own Worst Enemy’ has a different feel to anything we’ve done before - loose and lean, yet still rocking! It’s about that horrible feeling where you suddenly realise you’ve made a familiar error, and also the lies we tell each other on a daily basis to avoid confrontation or turmoil.”

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