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welleerdball engelstrompeten teufelsposaunenA new release is coming! Hello, this is WELLE:ERDBALL. We warmly welcome you to the broadcast of the program ‘Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen’ (engl ‘Angel’s Trumpets & Devil’s Trombone’). The Funkhaus Orchestra will play for you under the direction and arrangement of Conrad Oleak. The WELLE:ERDBALL classics, some insider tips and even exclusive new material - all played by a forty-strong orchestra as part of the new WELLE:ERDBALL broadcast ‘Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen’!

Can you imagine how a title composed with a single Commodore C=64 (with only three voices!) is implemented by an orchestra?
“It immediately becomes clear: It WORKS.” / C.Z. (Orkus magazine)

Can you imagine shaking your dancing leg to the musical interpretation of an orchestra?
“I don’t know how you did it, but the eighties feeling persists despite the orchestra... How does it work?” / C.Z. (Orkus magazine)

Can you imagine how the strings of an orchestra harmonize with the 8-bit speech phonemes of the C=64?
“READY.” / C=64 (Commodore)

With that, all has been said!

Source: Press Release

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