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powerwolf callofthewildThe wolves are back - wilder than ever before! In 2021, the call of the wolves will be heard again: With the announcement of their new studio album ‘Call Of The Wild’, POWERWOLF, the high priests of Heavy Metal, have excited the scene both nationally and internationally and are now continuing their unique success story! The first single of the upcoming long player is entitled ‘Beast Of Gévaudan’ and takes the listener on an impressive journey into the depths of historical France, while the majestically staged music video with its imposing images makes hearts beat faster after the first few seconds.

Matthew Greywolf about the new single: “With ‘Beast of Gévaudan’, we are more than proud to present the first song of our upcoming work ‘Call Of The Wild’. The real story of the song couldn’t fit better into the world of POWERWOLF: It’s about a mysterious beast that killed countless people in the south of France at the end of the 18th century. The beast was never caught and so there have always been various legends about the events, including the interpretation of the clergy who saw the beast as a punishment from God or even as the redeemer of people from the worldly and sinful existence.”

Watch the new video ‘Beast Of Gévaudan’:

The album ‘Call Of The Wild’, which was once again burned to silver in cooperation with the venerable producer duo Jens Bogren and Joost van den Broek, will open a new chapter in the band’s history on July 16, 2021. The eighth studio album serves veteran as well as newly recruited POWERWOLF fans the beloved classic trademarks and inspires equally at every stage of this wild 11-track ride with stylistic developments on an unprecedented scale!

Matthew Greywolf about the new album ‘Call Of The Wild’: ‘With ‘Call Of The Wild’ we are opening a new, exciting chapter in the history of POWERWOLF. The album sounds unmistakably like POWERWOLF and at the same time is so much more: besides new territory like the Celtic instrumentation in ‘Blood for Blood (Faoladh)’ or one real ballads like ‘Alive or undead’ we have raised all our trademarks to a new level. We have never sounded so wild, in the truest sense of the word, and so powerful. We can hardly wait to finally see this beast from an album to share with all of you!”

Get your own copy of ‘Call Of The Wild’: ‘Call Of The Wild’, the successor to the 2018 # 1 studio album ‘Sacrament Of Sin’, venerably manifests the inimitable success story of the band and proves once again that they are undisputedly on the throne of the genre!

‘Call Of The Wild’ tracklist
01. Faster Than the Flame
02. Beast of Gévaudan
03. Dancing with the Dead
04. Varcolac
05. Alive or Undead
06. Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
07. Glaubenskraft
08. Call of the Wild
09. Sermon of Swords
10. Undress to Confess
11. Reverent of Rats

Some versions (2-CD Mediabook, 3-LP Vinyl Box, 3-CD Earbook, digital) of the new album contain the bonus album ‘Missa Cantorem’ - a cross-section through the success story of the wolves with newly sung singing by friends and companions of the band.

Tracklist ‘Missa Cantorem’ (bonus album)
01. Sanctified With Dynamite - feat. Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)
02. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend - feat. Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)
03. Nightside Of Siberia - feat. Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)
04. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone - feat. Doro Pesch
05. Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike) - feat. Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium)
06. Killers With The Cross - feat. Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork)
07. Kiss Of The Cobra King - feat. Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)
08. We Drink Your Blood - feat. Johannes Eckerström (Avatar)
09. Resurrection By Erection - feat. Christopher Bowes (Alestorm)
10. Saturday Satan - feat. Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun)

Fans can expect not only to experience brand new heavy metal anthems sung from thousands of throats - POWERWOLF will also bring the biggest and most epic production in their band’s history to the stage, once more give proof of their status as one of the most intense live bands!

Wolfsnächte 2021
Oct 1, 2021 DE - Stuttgart / Schleyerhalle
Oct 2, 2021 CH - Zurich / Samsung Hall
Oct 4, 2021 ES - Barcelona / Razzmatazz
Oct 5, 2021 ES - Madrid / Riviera
Oct 7, 2021 FR - Paris / Zenith
Oct 8, 2021 UK - London / Roundhouse
Oct 9, 2021 BE - Antwerp / Lotto Arena
Oct 10, 2021 NL - Amsterdam / Afas Live
Oct 12, 2021 IT - Milan / Alcatraz
Oct 13, 2021 DE - Frankfurt / Jahrhunderthalle
Oct 15, 2021 DE - Munich / Zenith
Oct 16, 2021 DE - Oberhausen / König Pilsener Arena
Oct 17, 2021 CZ - Prague / Tipsport Arena
Oct 18, 2021 PL - Katowice – MCK
Oct 20, 2021 HU - Budapest / Arena
Oct 21, 2021 AT - Vienna / Gasometer
Oct 22, 2021 DE - Berlin / UFO im Velodrom
Oct 23, 2021 DE - Hamburg / Sporthalle

The story of POWERWOLF, which began in 2004, may seem like a fairy tale, but it is the result of the hardest working and most entertaining band in the heavy metal world. POWERWOLF have not only received numerous gold and platinum awards, many of their albums also shot to the top of the official German album charts. With their 2015 album Blessed & Possessed, POWERWOLF were able to achieve gold status (in the Czech Republic) for the first time, while their direct predecessor, ‘Preachers Of The Night’ (2013) entered at # 1, and the rousing DVD ‘The Metal Mass’ (2016) reached at # 1 on the German DVD Charts.

POWERWOLF’s holy mass in the name of Heavy Metal is unstoppable - their last masterpiece, ‘The Sacrament Of Sin’ (2018), also reached # 1 in the German charts. The accompanying “Wolfsnächte” headlining tour was almost completely sold out and became a single triumphal procession - as were the countless shows at the summer festivals, which completely captivated the audience thanks to the (un) holy masses of the wolf. In 2020, the Best Of album ‘Best Of The Blessed’ climbed to # 2 in the German charts, and in 2021, with the new studio album ‘Call Of The Wild’ and the “Wolfsnächte” 2021 tour through the largest halls in Europe, an entire year is dedicated to the wolf pack.

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums

Source: Press Release

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