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dasfluff wakeup videopicture
Artist: Das Fluff
Title: Wake up
Genre: Post Punk Electronic
Release Date: 18th July 2021
Label: sohappymusic

DAS FLUFF are a Post Punk Electronic band that are pretty much unique in their musical approach and view of the world. Their existence allows their fans to melt into an alternative reality, created by the dark mind of Dawn Lintern. Each and every release is eagerly anticipated, we really are unaware of the bands direction each time and we are frequently surprised. ‘Wake up’ was originally released on the album ‘Maximum Damage’ and perhaps shows the softer more fragile side of the band. Lyrically it encompasses the toxic state of world affairs that we live with on a day-to-day basis. But the song invites us to explore the realms of beauty we can still find - if we look hard enough. Musically it is unconventional in many ways (nothing new for DAS FLUFF here), it lulls into a false sense of security with its multi-layered beats and swirling hypnotic synth waves. Dawn has the vocal ability to emotional scare the crap out of you, but this time she lures you with softer tones. It’s a fascinating combination.

The video has been created by an award-winning film team in Saigon, directed by the talented Yen Apus Nguyen. It is an intriguing, captivating mix of digital and reality, that cannot fail to catch your attention. Disturbing? Creepy? Yes, in a beautiful way. Before you know it, yet again, DAS FLUFF have managed to pull you into their world, this time with the aid of like-minded kin. The bond between band and film makers is so high, so very much on the same wavelength, it accumulates into a seamless surge of unsettling DAS FLUFF. Check out the video and also the mini-documentary showing the making of the video.

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