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zoodrake successofthesnake
Frontman and producer Hilton Theissen, follows his path with ZOODRAKE on the forthcoming second album ‘seven’ with ten energizing and emotional songs in a forceful way. The first single ‘success of the snake’ is released this Thursday and reveals the band’s strengthened stylistic path featuring a varied range and sweeping synth and swirling guitar walls on danceable beats. 

Reflecting on the first single, Hilton states: “The biblical allusion to the serpent’s success alludes to mankind’s addiction to falling prey to its penchant for immoral decision-making, with the thought of the beauty of its cultural creations evoking a touch of melancholy with regard to its certain demise.”

Stream ‘success of the snake’ here:

The album ‘seven’ will be released on CD and digital on 1 October 2021.

Source: Press Release

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