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kaelanmikla alcest hvitirsandarKÆLAN MIKLA’s new single ‘Hvítir Sandar’ is now streaming on all platforms. The track is a collaboration with French post-metal pioneers ALCEST. ‘Hvítir Sandar’ appears on KÆLAN MIKLA’s forthcoming ‘Undir Köldum Norðumljósum’, the fourth album by the Icelandic band, set for an October 15th release on Artoffact Records. KÆLAN MIKLA gives this statement about the song: “‘Hvítir Sandar’ is about feeling like you’re being defeated by your inner faults and demons. It’s about self-acceptance. Even if you carry a darkness within, it’s what makes you who you are, and you shouldn’t have to change for other people.”

ALCEST offers these words about the collaboration: “We felt really honored when KÆLAN MIKLA offered us to be guests on their song ‘Hvítir Sandar.’ ALCEST and KÆLAN MIKLA toured together in 2020 and from the start we definitely saw connection between the two bands, despite the stylistic difference. ‘Hvítir Sandar’ is one of our favorites on the album and before even starting to work on it we had a vision of what the aesthetics of ALCEST could bring to the song. We are so proud of how it turned out and we hope that the fans of KÆLAN MIKLA will enjoy this collaboration just as much as we did!”

Stream the track, here:

Bursting with the raw punk spirit and whimsical Icelandic visions which have fueled KÆLAN MIKLA from the very start, ‘Undir Köldum Norðumljósum’ takes the band’s unmistakable sound and presents it in a manner even more lush and engrossing than before. Cinematic layers of synth, ethereal vocals sung in their native tongue, spine-chilling screams, driving bass and programmed drums combine to pull the listener deeper than ever INTO KÆLAN MIKLA’s world - a place of folklore and fairytales, magic and mysticism. The album artwork was created by graphic design duo Førtifem, known for their covers, posters, and merch for artists such as EMPEROR, SLIPKNOT, RAMMSTEIN, and CARPENTER BRUT.

In addition to touring with ALCEST, KÆLAN MIKLA has toured with the likes of DRAB MAJESTY and KING DUDE and was hand-picked by Robert Smith of THE CURE to play THE CURE’s 40th anniversary show as well as a slot on the Pasadena Daydream festival. In 2018, the band’s third album, ‘Nótt eftir nótt’, won “Album of the Year” at the prestigious Kraumur Awards in Iceland and landed on year-end lists in magazines and blogs worldwide.

Album Tracklist
01. Svört Augu
02. Sólstöður
03. Örlögin
04. Halastjarnan
05. Ósýnileg
06. Sírenur
07. Stormurinn
08. Óskasteinar
09. Hvítir Sandar (feat. Alcest)
10. Saman

Source: Press Release

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