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korn requiemKORN just announced the new album ‘Requiem’ to be released on Feb 4, 2022 via Loma Vista Recordings / Virgin Music. In the course of the album announcement, the band released the pre-release single ‘Start The Healing’ and an accompanying video. The first foretaste of ‘Requiem’ comes in conjunction with a video clip that was created under the direction of Tim Saccenti (FLYING LOTUS, RUN THE JEWELS, DEPECHE MODE). The visual delicacy, which combines live-action and animation sequences, revolves around the concept of death and rebirth in front of an array of supernatural creatures, humanoids and KORN’s electrifying live performance, which symbolizes the beginning of a new era for the band.

Director Saccenti on the origin of the visual effects of ‘Start The Healing’: “The idea behind the video was to mutate and portray the aspect of Korn’s DNA that makes it so influential and inspiring: its mixture of raw elemental force, moving aesthetics and human emotion. I wanted to take the audience on an emotional journey like the song does. A profound, cathartic journey of death and rebirth that will hopefully help the listener to overcome his very own personal conflicts and inner demon struggles - however these may be. Together with the 3-D artist Anthony Ciannamea, we dissected KORN’s mythology and explored its rich world of light and darkness to create a surreal, creeping perceptible body horror nightmare scenario.”

Due to the effects of Covid and the resulting impossibility for the band to play live shows - a novelty in their illustrious career - the genesis of ‘Requiem’ differs fundamentally from the majority of the others within the band’s oeuvre. ‘Requiem’ is an album that was created out of more time and the possibility of being able to be creative without any pressure. Spurred on by new creative processes without any time constraints, the band was able to do things on ‘Requiem’ for which they had not always had the opportunity for the past two decades. Allowing yourself more time to experiment together, for example, but also the decision to diligently record on analogue tape, were processes that brought to light the newly discovered sonic dimensions and a new kind of complexity in KORN’s music.

Since KORN published the first snippet of the teaser from ‘Start The Healing’ as part of an augmented reality filter on Instagram and last week posters began to appear around the world with the iconic band logo emblazoned on them, fans have been eagerly awaiting new music.

KORN - ‘Requiem’ - Loma Vista Recordings / Virgin Music - Feb 4, 2022
01. Forgotten
02. Let the Dark Do the Rest
03. Start The Healing
04. Lost in the Grandeur
05. Disconnect
06. Hopeless and Beaten
07. Penance to Sorrow
08. My Confession
09. Worst Is On Its Way

With their debut album of the same name, KORN changed the world. While the album represented the pioneering foray into a whole new genre, the band’s long-term success has long pointed to KORN’s standing as a much larger cultural movement. “The Pop landscape had unexpectedly cleared a place and Korn were the cross-generational, fear-transcending mouthpiece of a claustrophobic, self-monitored conscience,” stated The FADER magazine -staged a constrained freak show.

Since the band was founded, KORN have sold 40 million albums worldwide, won two Grammys, toured the world countless times and set all kinds of records that will probably never be broken. Singer Jonathan Davis, the two guitarists James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and Brian ‘Head’ Welch, bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu and drummer Ray Luzier have set themselves the goal of continuing to break down the genre boundaries of Rock, Alternative and Metal and at the same time one to remain influential constant for legions of fans and generations of artists worldwide.

KORN’s influence and reach exceeds prize winners and platinum awards. KORN are “an original movement in the way that bands can no longer be today”, attested the website and the podcast network The Ringer. The band represents a new archetype and radical innovation. Their ability to transcend genres leaves nothing to be desired all barriers and obstacles seem irrelevant.

Source: Press Release

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