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devision moscow2016Teatr club, Moscow, Russia
21st October 2016

GERMAN synth-pop duet DE/VISION returns to Russia with a new album and tested hits! It all began in 1988 when two young fans of DDEPECHE MODE began recording on tape their music and performing at small clubs and named DE/VISION. Since that time, D DE/VISION have changed your style with a naive romantic synth-pop to progressive electronics, gloomy electro-rock and back. In the era of the musical TV clips of the group did not leave specialized channels, and singles were heard on the radio, and almost always in the top positions of national and international charts. They crossed the electronics with live instruments and even played unplugged. Two years ago, DE/VISION marked the twenty-fifth anniversary, and this year present their new album ‘13’.

Restless ocean synthesizer sound, filigree arrangement, persistent mechanical rhythms and wandering around the back streets of an imaginary Steffen Keth’s warm voice - songs about love, loneliness and the search for hope in the labyrinth of the big city among the dim light of the street lamps and advertising signs fibrillation indifferent. October 21 in Moscow club "Teatr" best with the new album and the timeless classic DE/VISION!

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 7:00pm
Starts: 7:30pm
Tickets: 1900 rub, More info is here:
Club info:

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