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theasmayhem2017Den Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
5th & 6th June 2017
The A’s Mayhem 2017 with Architects, Suicide Silence, Motionless in White, Every Time I Die, The Devil Wears Prada, SHVPES and many more

The A’s Mayhem is a festival over two days taking place in the “den Atelier” in Luxembourg City. There are many talented and promising bands such as ARCHITECTS, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS and SUICIDE SILENCE. Also some less known bands will be there and show what they are capable of!

For the first day, the headliner is ARCHITECTS which is a British Metalcore band from Brighton, England. It isn’t their first time in Luxembourg and the crowd always went crazy when they’re on stage! Two further smashing acts, SUICIDE SILENCE and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will kick asses! But also EVERY TIME I DIE, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and SHVPES will warm up the crowd!

On the second day, the headliner is the American Rock band from San Diego, California PIERCE THE VEIL. The other acts on Tuesday are SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, CROWN THE EMPIRE, ISSUES, STATE CHAMPS, AS IT IS. So if you want to do some party with your friends to known bands like ARCHITECTS or when you want to discover younger bands like SHVPES or As It Is, then join this event and keep your head banging!

Additional Festival Info

5th June
Doors: 17:00
Start: 17:15
Tickets: Single Day: 28€ + presale fee; Combi Ticket: 39€
Info & Tickets:
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6th June
Doors: 17:00
Start: 17:40
Tickets: Single Day: 28€ + presale fee; Combi Ticket: 39€
Info & Tickets:

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