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reagarvey essen2017Seaside Beach Baldeney, Essen, Germany
27th August 2017
Rea Garvey - “GET LOUD Open Air Tour”

As happened more often in music business, it all started with an advertisement in a newspaper that in this case was made by Rea Garvey. He wouldn’t have to wait long until responses came back and with those who were responding he would later form REAMONN who first drew big attention with the hit single ‘Supergirl’, being on heavy rotation everywhere at the time. REA GARVEY is not only busy in his band REAMONN, but also as solo artist.

His 2014 album 'Pride' is the result of REA GARVEY retreating from his work for the television, most prominently the casting show THE VOICE OF GERMANY and solely focusing on making music. His latest album ‘Prisma’ was released in October 2015. After his nearly sold-out 2016 “Get Loud Open Air Tour”, Garvey is playing again open air shows under the same motto this summer, one of them will be the sole North-Rhine Westphalia show in Essen.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: tba
Starts: tba
Tickets: Tickets are available for about 52.20 € (pre-sale plus fees) HERE and at Ticketmaster 

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