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kaltesterne2018 flyerDas Bett, Frankfurt & Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany
31st March & 1st April 2018
Kalte Sterne Festival with Supernova 1006, Ritual Howls, Zanias, Soviet Soviet

After the grandiose start at Easter 2016, and a successful festival in 2017, Easter 2018 presents the third edition of the Kalte Sterne Festival in Frankfurt / Main and Oberhausen. The event is presented by nachtplan. After the concerts in Oberhausen, you have the after-show party Düsterdisco at Eisenlager Oberhausen ( where entrance for all festival visitors is free. The line-up presents four bands, headliner of the evening is SOVIET SOVIET. More info about the festival at

SUPERNOVA 1006 combine catchy post-punk with a love for Shoegaze guitars and a minimal synth sound. The reverberated vocals, psychedelic guitars and hard beats characterize the unique sound of the Russian duo. Tastes of hypnotic Coldwave and impulsive synth punk will definitely satisfy their dark cravings for Psychocand. // / / /

RITUAL HOWLS are unique industrial rock with jangle-like guitars and they create a surreal, introspective gloom that could heat a disco in hell. The trio feeds guitar, vocals, bass, synth and drum machines to create an aura of darkness. Texts that would please Poe or Lovecraft are kept in time to guitar lead and drum machine rhythms with an industrial feel, infused with intense bass. // / /

ZANIAS sang with the bands LINEA ASPERA and KELUAR (with Sid Lamar from SCHWEFELGELB). Under her solo alias, together with Alex Akers, she creates exotic and emotional atmospheres that are held by a steel stream of industrial rhythms under the rule of her formidable voice. It draws the listener deeper into an unexplored wilderness. The distillation of timeless emotions and rhythms to explore human fears, desires and absurd imperfections; an electronically synthesized shamanic incantation and catharsis. Let her voice be the leader.// / /

SOVIET SOVIET combine post-punk with Coldwave, art-punk and more to make something fresh out of it. The Italian trio manages to intertwine vocals with Italian accents to a frenetic energy with spiky, sharp guitar riffs with an edge, heavy, deep, impelling bass and punchy drums. The powerful live performance leaves absolutely no one indifferent. // / / /

Additional Concert Info Frankfurt
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Tickets: 28.50 euros plus charges (pre-sale) via or 30.00 euros at the door
Facebook Event:

Additional Concert Info Oberhausen
Doors: 18:00
Start: 18:30
Tickets: 26.00 euros plus charges (pre-sale) via / (without charges directly at the venue) or 32.00 euros at the door
Facebook Event:

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