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EnsiferumEventwerk, Dresden, Germany
5th May 2018
Ensiferum - “Path to Glory Tour” 2018 - Support: Ex Deo, Wind Rose

As usual for ENSIFERUM, following the release of the new album is a long tour with appointments filling the entire coming year. Although they have achieved so much since their debut in 2001, the Finns are far from full, but want to reach more listeners with each record without having to bend. “I guess anyone who starts making music dreams of performing in front of a huge audience, but I never thought this dream would come true, we’ve achieved a lot, but hopefully not the end of the flagpole honoured in this situation, and we would not be at this point today if we were not helped by the right people, not to mention our intense tours and, above all, the loyal crazed fans we have around the world. Thank you very much!”

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: can be bought for 34.20 + charges (pre-sale) via Eventim
Info: /
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