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midgeure tour2019
MIDGE URE & BAND ELECTRONICA - THE 1980 TOUR! At the end of the 70s, the United Kingdom and the world became more powerful. Change - in society, politics, fashion and culture - and of course the music changed forever. The Rock and Punk guitar-driven music scene which had dominated the decade was almost over. The sound of the future came in the form of the synthesizer and it signalled the change in the pop charts and videos. The 1980s were about to explode and nothing would be the same anymore.

At the heart of this seismic jump into a futuristic new world were two main shots in the arm - shots that would lay the foundation for what was to come… the single ‘Fade To Gray’ by the band VISAGE from the eponymous debut album and the single ‘Vienna’ by the band ULTRAVOX also from the eponymous album. Both were global hits that shared the same extreme ambience and European aesthetics and an electronic heart. The albums from which these ground-breaking singles emerged built this sound palette even further and brought the art school alternative in the centre of the mainstream.

Both albums were made by one of the leading figures of British music, both were co-written, recorded and produced by MIDGE URE. He has not only changed the charts around the world, but also his life in this process. “Autumn of 1979 was a focal point in my life and professional career”, explains MIDGE URE. “In just two years I went from the Pop band (SLIK) to the Post-Punk band (THE RICH KIDS) to a component grown up for THIN LIZZY as a guitarist. During the autumn until the winter of 1979, when I worked with Billy Currie on the VISAGE project, I was invited to join ULTRAVOX. The work we did during that winter for the ‘Vienna’ album was an exciting burst of creativity, like one I had never experienced before.”

“Now forty years later, I want to celebrate that time. Through 2019 into 2020, we will play the entire ‘Vienna’ album as well as highlights from the eponymous album ‘Visage’. Join me and my band ELECTRONICA and celebrate the year that these albums were released…1980.”

Near the end of yet another turbulent decade, Britain and the world face once again a major turnaround. Can we enter the next decade with the optimism and the futuristic glitter of the eighties? Will it give birth to a culture that will change music, fashion and society? The “1980s tour” reminds us that these things are possible. ‘Vienna’ and ‘Visage’ were the sound of the future... and still they sound incredibly romantic, incredibly beautiful and promising. For the first time in 40 years, the ‘Vienna’ album comes to life and performed as a whole by MIDGE URE and the band ELECTRONICA. It is also the first time that many of the songs of the debut album ‘Visage’ will be played live.

Do not miss this, as the music is performed in a set designed to give these albums the atmosphere and the ambience that they deserve!

German Tour Dates
06 Dec 2019 Bochum – RuhrCongress kleiner Saal
07 Dec 2019 Osnabrück – Rosenhof
08 Dec 2019 Berlin – Columbia Theater
09 Dec 2019 Hamburg – Gruenspan
11 Dec 2019 Ravensburg – Konzerthaus
12 Dec 2019 Munich – Technikum
14 Dec 2019 Düsseldorf – Stahlwerk

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