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LightTheTorch byHristoShindovZeche Carl, Essen, Germany
23rd April 2019
Light The Torch - “Revival Tour” 2019

LIGHT THE TORCH arose from the ashes of DEVIL YOU KNOW, the band around ex KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Howard Jones. Within four years, the Californian New Metal formation DEVIL YOU KNOW had gained a worldwide reputation as an extremely captivating live band. Then followed a break with the departure of their drummer and founding member John Sankey.

After a reorientation and the completed search for a new drummer, the formation started again as LIGHT THE TORCH. ‘Revival’, their programmatically titled first album under this new name, has clearly gained in melodics and compositional finesse without losing pressure and intensity. This is also true for the live shows, which according to eyewitnesses belong to the most compelling and powerful that one has seen in the New Metal genre so far. Between 21st and 23rd of April, LIGHT THE TORCH will be coming to Germany for the first time for three concerts, with stops in Hamburg, Berlin and Essen.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are currently available for 28.50 EUR via Eventim
More Info:

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Picture by Hristo Shindov

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