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Diary of DreamsDIARY OF DREAMS are finally coming back to the German clubs to play more shows with their current album ‘hell in Eden’ that was released in 2017. After extended touring in Europe, South and North America and visiting many festivals, like M’era Luna or Wacken Open Air in summer 2019, they are back for a club tour in Germany. The choice so far felt on Siegburg, Erfurt and Braunschweig, places where the band hasn’t played in a longer time.

There will be songs from ‘hell in Eden’ as well as taken from the discography that goes back to 1994 when DIARY OF DREAMS released the debut album ‘Cholymelan’. The shows of DIARY OF DREAMS are full of energetic instrument sound, thoughtful and melancholic lyrics and the unique voice of Adrian Hates is, no doubt, standing out. While mastermind Adrian Hates was also touring with the new project together with Torben Wendt, COMA ALLIANCE, earlier this year, there are now again a few rare chances to catch DIARY OF DREAMS live on tour. Check for the tour dates and further details the info below.

German Tour Dates
10 Oct 2019 - Siegburg / Kubana Live Club
11 Oct 2019 - Erfurt / Museumskeller und HsD Erfurt
12 Oct 2019 - Braunschweig / Lokpark BS
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