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Sat Nov 20 @ 7:00PM - 11:00PM
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mesh moscow2019Theatre Club, Moscow, Russia
3rd November 2019
Mesh & Blume

The heroes of the British Synth Pop scene are coming to Moscow with the best-of show. Special guest: BLUME (Italy). Gusty electronics, waves of melancholy, feeling of hidden hope for the best and melodies, which give a sense of flight. Dance music as a way of thinking about role of an ordinary person in an imperfect world. MESH concerts are the great balance between calculated electronic sound and expressive rock performance. Vocals of ‎Mark Hockings penetrate hearts of all listeners, while the wild rhythm and synthetic bass makes everybody dance, no matter how big the dance floor is.

Special guests BLUME are a Milanese Synth Pop, New Wave and EBM band was created back in 2009 and a year later their debut album has been released at a cult American Synth Pop label “ADifferentDrum”. The current album ‘Ashes’ is the third one in the band’s discography. BLUME manage to cruise between the feather-light compositions to harsher industrial sounds, they create zero-gravity synthetic layers, supported by tight rhythmic constructions and decorated with dreamy vocals.

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Dance floor 2,500 Rub
VIP from 3,500 Rub (only on
In Moscow:
Zig-Zag (subway “Kitay-Gorod”, B. Spasoglinishchevskiy per., 9/1, build. 10)
U dyadi Bori (subway Kuznyetky Most, ul. Rozhdestvenka, 6/9)
MAXIMUM VINYL (subway “Baumanskaya”, ul. Olkhovskaya, 14/5, daily 14:00-21:00)
*The organizers are not responsible for the validity of the tickets sold from unauthorized sources.

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