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namika tour2019Den Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
28th November 2019
Namika - “Que Walou” Tour

The single ‘Je ne parle pas français’ from their current album ‘Que Walou’ became the #1 hit, the corresponding release tour was completely sold out within a short time. Reason enough to send NAMIKA on a big tour in 2019! NAMIKA’s Luxembourg appearance, originally scheduled for 27 January 2019, unfortunately had to be postponed. Here is an excerpt from the official press release: “After the “Que Walou” tour of NAMIKA could not take place as planned due to illness, the dates will now be made up in November and December 2019.”

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, Hip-Hop has been NAMIKA’s essential source of musical inspiration. When she was about nine, she began to rap: “That was rather playful. My cousin and I were the same age and spent a lot of time with our grandparents. There we alternated between beat-boxing and rapping.” Many years later NAMIKA can rap like the devil and knows all the codes, but she knows that the hip-hop clichés of street and milieu that are common in Germany are only limited, and the more interesting part of the American competition has long since emancipated itself from them.

On her debut album, ‘Nador’ released in 2015, the musician first hinted at her enormous talent on a broad scale. The first single ‘Lieblingsmensch’ was at the top of the charts for weeks, the album was awarded gold. NAMIKA’s new album, ‘Que Walou’, is now the logical continuation of ‘Nador’ - and at the same time its consistent further development. NAMIKA is well known through the experience of the artistically matured over the past two years. “Que Walou” is a speech from Central Morocco and means “like nothing” or “for nothing”. The album sounds exactly like this now also: light, bouncy, seemingly effortless. The single release ‘Je ne parle pas français’ was the perfect match for the #1 summer hit.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available for 35€ plus charges (pre-sale) via
Facebook Event:

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