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sinnersday2021 logoThe Max, Heusden Zolder, Belgium
30th October to 1st November 2021
Sinners Day 2021 with The Mission, Gary Numan, Fields of the Nephilim, The Stranglers, London After Midnight, Minimal Compact, Praga Khan, Diary of Dreams, Laibach, Suicide Commando, Funeral Dress, The Arch, Red Zebra, Blancmange and many more.

After the desolation months during Covid-19, I am pleased to be writing previews with a more optimistic outlook that they will be going ahead - and this festival is a cracker! What a line-up, and it appears the band scheduling has been done with military precision by the team behind the festival - there are no clashes! Two stages - main stage and the Belgian stage. You could feasibly see every band at the festival, if your energy allows!

THE MISSION are the headliners on the first night and need very little in the way of an introduction to Sinners Day festival goers. The band as it stands today are the pinnacle of survival, from their birth after SISTERS OF MERCY through several different incarnations including with various band members - no-one can accuse Wayne Hussey and the remaining band members of not being exciting and full of surprises. Throughout the years not only have they provided some of the theme tracks to our lives such as ‘Tower of Strength’ they have entertained us with stories of their exploits - and sometimes even fully televised antics! We all have grown up together, sharing so much together - THE MISSION are going to provide one of the highlights of the festival, without doubt.

The first day of the festival has other delights such as THE STRANGLERS, one of the longest-surviving bands to have originated in the UK punk scene and dark electro band SUICIDE COMMANDO on the Belgian stage. Other highlights for me would be early synth-pop pioneers BLANCMANGE and the glorious Belgian home-grown band; STAR INDUSTRY.

The second day of the festival provides what could be regarded as the highlight of headliners - as a huge fan from 1979 I am so pleased to see GARY NUMAN! What can be said that hasn’t been said before about this true legend? From the early TUBEWAY ARMY days, through to teenage heart throb ultra-popularity of the ‘Are Friends Electric’ / ‘Cars’ era. Then the frankly awesome Wembley Arena “farewell” gigs. Through the low points of an artist confused and lost for several years, and on to the revival and successful later albums such as ‘Splinter’, ‘Savage’ and ‘Intruder’ (not released at the time of writing, but it’ll do well I’m sure). Ultimately the gig at The Royal Albert Hall with The SKAPARIS ORCHESTRA is for certain a huge highlight of the man’s career. An artist that has perhaps not entertained in the extrovert manner of Wayne Hussey, but how many others performing at Sinners Day were also once a historic warbird stunt pilot? GARY NUMAN will, as always, give you an electrifying performance - with an energy level usually reserved for someone half his age.

I’m not sure if I can contain myself about the second day; now throw into the mix LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (just don’t call them Goth) and one of my all-time favourite bands DIARY OF DREAMS. What? You want more?! How about they throw in such delights as AND ALSO THE TREES, LEAETHER STRIP and HAUJOBB? A truly special night, that will be one to remember.

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As always with festivals, we come to the final night. But, don’t be too down; Sinners Day have batted the ball out of the park with headliners FIELDS OF NEPHILIM. Everyone’s favourite dust and death cowboy goths since 1984, the band have an almost mythical status within the scene. I just know that this is the band for closing the festival, they always give a truly mesmerising performance. We are all so grateful they returned after their so-called final gigs in London to treat us to such tracks as ‘Moonchild’, ‘Preacher Man’ and ‘For Her Light’.

Of course, there are other treats on the final night - how about post-punk Israeli band MINIMAL COMPACT and for me yet another festival highlight; LAIBACH. Oh yes, this is as promised one hell of a festival line-up! Dare I tell you that SHE PAST AWAY, UK SUBS, TEST DEPT and ACTORS are also playing - WOW! I am excited just writing this preview, roll on to October! See you there in the crowd!

30th October 2021: The Mission, The Stranglers, Praga Khan, Red Zebra, Blancmange, Chameleons, The Foreign Resort, Glen Matlock, Minuit Machine, La Lune Noire, Suicide Commando, The Bollock Brothers, Absolute Body Control, Star Industry, Struggler, The Juggernauts, This Can Hurt, Apparaat
31st October 2021: Gary Numan, London After Midnight, Diary Of Dreams, And Also The Trees, The Kvb, A Split Second, BFG, Leaether Strip, Haujobb, Conjure One, Funeral Dress, Your Life On Hold, A Slice Of Life, Enzo Kreft, Such Beautiful Flowers, The Mars Model, De Delvers, Korinthians
1st November 2021: Fields Of The Nephilim, Minimal Compact, Laibach, The Uk Subs, Trisomie 21, She Past Away, Test Dept, The Blockheads, Actors, Jah Wobble, The Arch, Ground Nero, Astrasonic, Frozen Nation, Solitude Within, Dead High Wire, O Veux
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