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tocotronic2018 by MichaelPetersohnSputnikhalle, Münster, Germany
7th March 2018
Tocotronic & Ilgen-Nur

In the past, young people began to play the guitar by learning the riff of ‘Smoke On The Water’ and the chords for the Traditional ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. If they start with instruments today, they can be inspired by songs by TOCOTRONIC. This rebellious and happy creative band exerts an influence that can be felt everywhere. Musically and stylishly, they provide boys and men with the self-confidence that MADONNA still passes on to girls and women.

Guitarist Rick McPhail finds concise narrative tones with ease. He puts them like points and commas on and between verses and choruses. So he turns a draft into a song. Bassist Jan Müller has a romantic relationship with music that falls apart from time. He is the band’s most open-minded rock fan. His bass sounds like the eye of the storm in the songs of TOCOTRONIC. Drummer Arne Zank travels to the other side of the globe to discover sounds like rare butterflies. Then he returns as a musical antipode to present interesting, strange soundscapes in pleasant bars in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The singer Dirk von Lowtzow gets up in the morning and has finished a song. He has breakfast and finished a second song. Then he walks around the block and maybe makes a quick phone call. When he comes home at noon, the demo version of a third song is as good as recorded.

For a year and a half TOCOTRONIC have kept away from clubs and stages. During this live break, the band questioned everything, re-invented itself as a collective and recorded the most profound album of their career. ‘Die Unendlichkeit’ is an autobiography in 12 chapters, darkly rocking and tempting like a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde. The concept album will be released on the 26th of January and will be performed live in the spring on an extended tour. Celebrate with this unique band and your favourite songs from 25 years. Punctual appearance is urgently advised!

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Start: 20:00
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Picture by Michael Petersohn

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