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leoniden by robinhinschForum, Bielefeld, Germany
7th March 2019
Leoniden - “Kids Will Unite” Tour 2019

The LEONIDEN are damn successful. From their home base, Kiel, the LEONIDEN launched into the summer festival stages in 2017, played sold-out concerts across the country, formed their own label, Two Peace Signs, released their debut album, and because the world is sometimes fair, what no one expected would happen. Suddenly, LEONIDEN songs are on the radio, they win the “New Music Award” and their songs are being streamed millions of times on Spotify.

A few days ago, ‘River’, a new single, was released and is a soulful foretaste of the second album, ‘Again’, which will be released in late October. Of course, the tickets for the concerts are in high demand. The show in Bielefeld of their “Kids Will Unite” tour in March are sold out. LEONIDEN will play their show in Forum, Bielefeld on 7th March.

German Tour Dates
01 March 2019 - Karlsruhe // Substage
02 March 2019 - Jena // Kassablanca
05 March 2019 - Dortmund // FZW
06 March 2019 - Oldenburg // Amadeus
07 March 2019 - Bielefeld // Forum
08 March 2019 - Hamburg // Uebel & Gefährlich

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available for 18€ plus charges via
Facebook Event:

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Photo by Robin Hinsch

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