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goetheserben kammerkonzerte2019kukuun, Hamburg, Germany
19th April 2019
Goethes Erben - Chamber concerts 2019

GOETHES ERBEN is a name that does not have to be explained. Oswald Henke influenced the Gothic and Dark Wave scene for about 30 years now with his artistic and unique lyrics, compositions and performances. The successful and very rare chamber concerts that already took place on a very few dates in 2018 are coming back on Eastern 2019 (there could not have been a better time) with three limited shows in Bochum, Hamburg and Berlin. The minimalistic and breathtakingly intense show in Hamburg is already sold-out since July 2018.

Sebastian Böttcher and Benni Cellini (LETZTE INSTANZ) complete this very talented trio around Oswald Henke this time. It will be intense, emotional, surprising and shocking, that is for sure. GOETHES ERBEN never fail to surprise. Three talented musicians and artists, so different on their own, sharing one stage. Music and poetry about darkest human abysses in the white rooms of kukuun, a venue on the Reeperbahn - a contrast that just underlines our emotional opposites.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: sold-out

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