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A-HA always liked to face challenges. In 2018, during their MTV Unplugged Tour, they proved that their songs work perfectly in a different frame and reach new levels. Now Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy have announced that they want to dare something new once again with their fall tour in October and November 2019: A concert in the legendary “An evening with...” format, consisting of two very different parts with one pause. In the first part of the concert, A-HA will play new and old, well-known and lesser-known songs and hits. After the break, they will then play the ten songs of their full 1985 debut album, ‘Hunting High And Low’, in the order of the original album!

So far, A-HA has played the entire ‘Hunting High And Low’ album only twice: in October 2010 at Oslo’s Konserthus and at the Royal Albert Hall in London, not just for the fans, two very special concerts. Finally, fans from France to Poland and Germany to Scotland have the unique opportunity to experience A-HA with their debut album, reinterpreted - but always faithful to the unique spirit of the original. Because all together, the ten songs of ‘Hunting High And Low’ are far more than just a debut album. ‘Take On Me’, ‘Train Of Thought’, ‘Hunting High And Low’, ‘The Blue Sky’, ‘Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale’, ‘The Sun Always Shines On T.V.’, ‘And You Tell Me’, ‘Love Is Reason’, ‘Dream Myself Alive’ and ‘Here I Stand And Face The Rain’ are ten songs that captured the heart and soul of A-HA. And the hearts and souls of their fans worldwide!

It was a long way for A-HA. Even as ‘Take On Me’ became a big hit, no one would have guessed that this band would once develop into one of the most established and beloved bands in the world. But A-HA did not let go, kept thinking about it, and ultimately, their confidence helped them to keep their unique chance. And when all was finally done and they had everything they needed for their debut album, they knew that these were ten perfect song pearls that captured exactly what A-HA is - and still do so to this day. Ten songs that combine longing melodies and drama that combine a directness with an intimacy that only few bands can.

When A-HA will play ‘Hunting High and Low’ live in 2019, it will be more than just playing ten popular songs. It will also be about what brought them to London at that time: the realization that they would never stand still. ‘Take On Me’ and ‘Hunting High And Low’ are still as alive as they were when they were recorded and released. At the concerts in October and November 2019, everyone can experience how much and why.

12 Nov 2019 | Mannheim, SAP Arena
13 Nov 2019 | Leipzig, Arena
15 Nov 2019 | Oberhausen, König Pilsener Arena
16 Nov 2019 |Bremen, ÖVB Arena
Tickets are available via Eventim and all known pre-sale offices as well as via hotline +49 (0)1805 – 57 00 00
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