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heilung tour2022RuhrCongress, Bochum, Germany
16th November 2022
Heilung & Special Guest: Gaahls Wyrd

HEILUNG is a Danish group bringing together musicians and dancers for a mystical immersion in the rituals of Northern Europe from the Iron Age and the High Middle Ages. The group creates its own repertoire based on historical research and writings from the Viking era in an artistic approach called “amplified history” as an extrapolation, a re-creation based on the musical means and practices of the ancestral era. Sometimes a warrior ritual with thundering percussion, sometimes a phantasmagorical night ceremony or a hellish trance, HEILUNG’s show is an extraordinary live experience.

“HEILUNG is sounds from the northern European iron age and Viking period. We used everything from running water, human bones, reconstructed swords and shields up to ancient frame drums and bronze rings in the songs. The lyrics contain original texts from rune stones and preserved spear shafts, amulets and other artifacts. Furthermore poems, which either deal with historical events or are translations / interpretations of the originals.”

German Tour Dates
06 Nov 2022 - Halle, Händel Halle
13 Nov 2022 - Berlin, Tempodrom
16 Nov 2022 - Bochum, Ruhrcongress
07 Dec 2022 - Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
14 Dec 2022 - Stuttgart, Lieerhalle Hegel-Saal
18 Dec 2022 - Munich, Zenith

Additional Concert Info
Doors: tba
Start: tba
Tickets: are available from 55.20 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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