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illuminate einganzeslebenHardly any other band within the German-speaking Gothic scene has polarized the media and listeners as much as ILLUMINATE in the last two and a half decades. But also hardly any other band has recorded such a continuous and successful journey along its path as the quintet from Karlsruhe. On February 23, 2018 ILLUMINATE will release their nineteenth album - just in time for the band’s 25th birthday.

‘Ein ganzes Leben’ (‘A whole life’) ties seamlessly in terms of music and content to its successful predecessors ‘Zwischen Welten’ and ‘GeZeichnet’. Sophisticated arrangements, moving melodies, large orchestrations, crisp beats and guitars, profound lyrics and the well-known tightrope walkalking between feeling, heartbreak and pathos once again prove that ILLUMINATE still are one of the spearheads of German-speaking Gothic bands after twenty-five years and are not indispensable in the scene.

“UNHEILIG, SILBERMOND and DIE ÄRZTE meet for recordings in the studio - and Richard Wagner sits at the controls. That’s how you can imagine the sound of the new album.” (

Source: Press Release

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