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autumnbride undying
The autumn. Everything goes to sleep; the cycle of life begins all over again.
The bride. A new beginning, the love for people, animals and nature.
Life and death, joy and fear, sadness and surrender.

Founded in 2016 as a side project just for the fun of music, it quickly became clear: Something bigger is growing here, “something magical. Even with our first song together, an electric shock drove through all my limbs. I sang the melody with the lyrics and the guys instinctively played along as if the song had existed in all of us forever. A goosebumps moment that brought tears to my eyes”, says singer Suzy, who provides moments of well-being in the tough community with an IRON MAIDEN tribute band, while Alex (git), Max (drums) and Ben (bass) with various Thrash and death combos successfully mixed up the scene.

Together they implement their very own version of symphonic metal, influenced by heroes like PARADISE LOST, NIGHTWISH, BLACK SABBATH, EVANESCENCE, TYPE O´ NEGATIVE or THE GATHERING: Hard riffs, gripping melodies, high musical emotionality, grandiose vocals, demanding lyrics. An intense whole called AUTUMN BRIDE. The debut single ‘Guardian Angels’ hit the heavy landscape in 2019. As the second single with a wonderful video clip and acclaimed live performances, ‘Fear And Devotion’ builds the band's standing - and at the same time creates high expectations for the first album.

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And here it is, the debut album: ‘Undying’. The title refers to the band’s name-giving mystical figure from the ‘Fear And Devotion’ video, who “embodies death, but at the same time also eternal life. A supernatural being full of fear, but also full of devotion, full of love. The essential themes of all AUTUMN BRIDE songs” explains Suzy the lyrical concept. “Give up, find yourself again, get up and move on. Strip off old covers, free yourself from a cocoon and break new ground: ‘There are 15 leading lights on the path to neverland’ is the first line in the opener ‘The Path’. Stations in life that you pass in order to find the true self: What is it that worries or worries us most deeply in the heart of our hearts?”

A topic that culminates in the huge ‘Forelsket’, the English lyrics of which are refined with quotes from various languages from all over the world, from Welsh to Polish, Arabic and Hindi to Norwegian, because “love unites us all. She knows no age, no religion, no skin colour and does not ask where you come from”. “To be human” concludes the singer, “is incredibly exciting, sometimes also terrifying, but in the end it is beautiful. I think that the fans can identify with our lyrics, because we have all experienced situations that challenge, liberate or make you happy.”

The group will playfully achieve the latter with ‘Undying’: Melancholy and hymn-like, great melodies, catchy choruses. Gripping guitar riffs, a driving yet soulful rhythm section, carefully used synths. The singing gets under the skin, the music in the ear, in the heart, in the soul. The sound is perfectly captured by top producer Norbert Leitner and staged in a visually impressive way by master photographer Pascal Riesinger and graphic talent bassist Ben, the album will solidly underpin and expand the status of AUTUMN BRIDE from April 30th, the fan base will cheer and grow rapidly. And together with the band and their voice Suzy find their soul's salvation: “For me AUTUMN BRIDE is like a musical cradle. I feel like I've always wanted to go right here and nowhere else! As if every path in my life had led me to exactly these musicians, into exactly this band. My heart has never felt so safe musically”

Current single: ‘Fear and Devotion’

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New single & video clip ‘Moonlit Waters’ out on April 30!
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Source: Press Release / Picture by Pascal Riesinger

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