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After months of complete radio silence, news are finally trickling through about not just one, but TWO really exciting new Depeche Mode releases. The first release - the hotly anticipated live film from Tour Of The Universe - is dropping in early November; the second - a brand new remix album - is tentatively penned in for early next year.

Depeche Mode “Tour Of The Universe, Barcelona” will hit stores across Europe in early November. Exact dates are to be confirmed, but it looks like it will be November 7 in Germany; November 10 in most other places (incl. UK, Scandinavia and France). The release will, according to an internal EMI email which leaked via’s forums, come in three different variations:

Standard DVD edition (1DVD, 2CD)
Deluxe DVD edition (2DVD, 2CD)
Blu-ray Edition (2Blu-ray discs)

Content details are still sketchy, but are said to, in addition to the full concert film, include a 40 minute documentary, the Anton Corbijn directed films used for the on-stage screens, footage from the band’s pre-tour rehearsals in New York, as well as the promotional videos for “Wrong”, “Peace”, “Fragile Tension” and “Hole To Feed”. In addition there will be a 16 page booklet included with each edition, with the deluxe edition getting a second booklet.

The second release already on the books is a remix album, who existence was hinted at by a notoriously “in the know” poster on a Pet Shop Boys forum, who goes by the name Flaffer. He writes: “Depeche mode have got a new remix album out next year, remixes are currently being commissioned. Sorry cannot divulge my source as he represents one of the remixers someone who has mixed PSB in the past.” While this should still be placed firmly in the “rumoured” column, I’d suggest you don’t bet against it being true, considering where it came from.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Martin’s collaborations with Vince Clarke and Motor to look forward to; and there’s been a lot of speculation that Dave is prepping his own solo thing, after Martyn Lenoble confirmed he was writing songs with Christian Eigner.


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