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whatthehell breathing
Artist: What The Hell
Title: Breathing
Genre: Groove Metal / Thrash Metal
Release Date: 24th April 2020
Label: Bad Karma Records

Review Flash

Many things happened in the year 1994: “The Ripper of Rostow” Andrei Romanowitsch Tschikatilo was killed with a shot in the neck, John Wayne Gacey dies through a lethal injection and WHAT THE HELL is formed in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. So it is safe to say that it was a bad year for serial killers and a good one for Heavy Metal. The music is called Groove and / or Thrash Metal but if you listen closely you will realize the Grunge and Stoner elements, best example is the song ‘Breathing’ which somehow morphs from a SOUNDGARDEN remembrance song into a KYUSS worshipping session in the desert on Peyote! ‘My Suffering’ is the other extreme, a mixture of rough Hard Rock bordering on Thrash Metal but still catchy and melodic. Seel on vocals is the perfect fit for WHAT THE HELL that is clear as can be, the rhythm section (Frey and Fanni) add a colossal part on the Groovy side of WTH and Dossenbach on six-string duty is the salt in the soup.

Conclusion: This is Groove, this is Thrash, this is Grunge... WHAT THE HELL?

Rating: 8 / 10

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