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eternalwinter archaicloreenshrined
Artist: Eternal Winter
Title: Archaic Lore Enshrined: Songs of Savage Swords & Dark Mysticism
Genre: Epic Power Metal
Release Date: 16th September 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

Some bands are strange but appealing, sometimes in an inexplicable way. If ETERNAL WINTER is somewhat epic or just a confusing, raging cheese-fest, that is the question. As Ernie would say: “A horseman and Castle on the cover, seems legit”. Exceptions prove the rule huh? Let’s check the press text first: “Following their 2014 underground debut ‘Within The Castle Shadowgate’, on Sept. 16th 2020 ETERNAL WINTER unleashed a brand new opus – ‘Archaic Lore Enshrined: Songs Of Savage Swords & Dark Mysticism’. The band has made their triumphant return with 13 tracks of dark & unique Epic Metal Mysteria. Based on tales of sword & sorcery, Gothic literature, pulp fiction and heroic fantasy, this collection is sure to please any fan of metallic blood & thunder.”

And epic they are, confusing but epic. The involved artists are quite talented but I constantly got the feeling that, like in a jam session, they just throw ideas around without a real concept for the songs. And the repetition of part after part does not help if the parts don’t fit in an organic way... I really am utterly confused as to what the intention behind these compositions is because I don’t understand it. Note: great musicianship but no audible or recognizable leitmotif. Maybe I am just not ready for ETERNAL WINTER.

Conclusion: Check them out and tell me what you think, I need to know.

Rating: 5 / 10

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