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blacksword aliveagain
Artist: Blacksword
Title: Alive Again
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 30th July 2021
Label: No Remorse Records

Review Flash

BLACKSWORD from Novokuznetsk, Russia started as a much harsher heavy band but luckily (for me) the changed their style and musical direction towards a fantastically melodic direction and changed their name from STORMBRINGER to BLACKSWORD. What I did notice pretty quickly is that Mike Livas is an incredibly talented vocalist aiming for the throne of legends like Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST), Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) and Eric Adams (MANOWAR), he has it all: good pronunciation, phrasing and he is a fucking master of the high-pitched screams. Artem Omelenchuk and Denis Grebenkin share guitar duty and you can hear pretty clearly that they have all the right influences (BROCAS HELM, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, HELLOWEEN) the rhythm section that is bass man Ivan Viking and drummer Stanislav Volkov are the glue that keeps the two riff maniacs at bay and with them mad man on the microphone Mike Livas. It is really a pleasant surprise for me to listen to a band the first time and get something as awesome as this to hear.

Conclusion: If you like the highly melodic classics these guys were influenced by you will also love these records, buy this already!

Rating: 10 / 10

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