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doctorsmoke dreamersandthedead
Artist: Doctor Smoke
Title: Dreamers and the Dead
Genre: Doom / Occult Rock
Release Date: 3rd September 2021
Label: Ripple Music

Review Flash

Ohio’s very own DOCTOR SMOKE are back! Seven years after their debut ‘The Witching Hour’ I do have the opportunity to sit down and take my time with the new full-length ‘Dreamers and the Dead’. It is quite obvious that DOCTOR SMOKE sound is inspired by early BLACK SABBATH but there are also a few moments where the listener gets the idea that they really do like GHOST but want to improve upon their sound when it comes to pure heaviness (like, making music that matches the heaviness of GHOST’s look). Musically this is quite modern when it comes to sound and production, sound-wise there is another band I will throw into this review to better hint at the band’s sound: SENTENCED! Imagine 70s BLACK SABBATH with a decent vocalist and a songwriting that has both elements of the trademarks of both SENTENCED and GHOST, songs that get stuck in your ear because of their utter catchiness, brilliant melodies and skilled execution. From the drums to the vocalist, everyone in the band play on an impressive level and the parts fit together like a charm. If you need a good healthy dose of catchy as fuck occult rock that borders on doom: this is your fix!

Conclusion: ‘Been here Forever’ fucking rips!

Rating: 8 / 10

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