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trialofdeath creatingmonstrosities
Artist: Trial Of Death
Title: Creating Monstrosities
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 31st March 2023
Label: Neckbreaker Records

Review Flash

Just like a fist is formed by five fingers this band is formed by five brutal dudes from Siegen, Germany (that look nothing like fingers just for clarification). TRIAL OF DEATH is a rather brutal band when it comes to the things they are passionately doing to your earholes. The band was assembled in 2016 and ‘Creating Monstrosities’ is their debut full-length assault. Relentless is a word I deem fitting for tracks like ‘Mothermeat’. Even if sometimes a bit repetitive in the choruses, this is hard hitting and rich in its impact (some parts really have that Sledgehammer kinda feeling to it, without spitting teeth that is). Normally I don’t enjoy the main underlying feature here, but the bluntness paired with this no-way-but-forward attitude is really its own kinda beast. The vocals by Jack Bone are mainly to be described as growls from the bowels of earth but once in a blue moon he switches to a more Thrash Metal voice and there’s even a scream here and there. So, this is pretty brutal and mostly right in your face but it manages to vary so much so that I have to admit I am entertained by its caveman-clobbering-you-to-death charms.

Conclusion: Music to slay dinosaurs to…

Rating: 8 / 10

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