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clickclick skinandbones
Artist: Click Click
Title: Skin And Bones EP
Genre: Electronic / Industrial / Experimental
Release Date: 18th November 2011
Label: Dependent Records

EP Review

After almost 14 years since the release of their latest album, ‘Shadowblack’, and a couple of reunions and splits in the between, CLICK CLICK have returned with a brand new EP, ‘Skin And Bones’. The most characteristic change of the band over the years is that as it seems they’ve completely abandoned their minimalistic style. It also seems that the band has managed to control the levels of experimentation that were so obvious in their previous album in order to put them in the service and demands of the songs. Last but not least the band has returned angrier without distancing itself from their themes, either musically or vocally. Yet they aren’t disconnected from their past; you can still find traces of the old CLICK CLICK in a more EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN direction.

Of course their influences from the sci-fi are still there but in the case of ‘Left For Dead’ the feeling that is present is that the song was inspired by the English riots of the summer past. CLICK CLICK sees the society as bellum omnium contra omnes, a situation that leads them to have mixed feelings. The states of paranoia, solitude and despair are dominant in this EP. One of the best songs to be found here, ‘Damage’ explores them musically in a way that is more closely to what most fans of the band remember. It has to do with the fact that this song is a remake of the classic song (from the ‘Party Hate’ LP). Another characteristic song here is ‘Psychoplasmix (Rats In My Head Remix)’ in which almost all of the above are taking place; the futurism, the paranoia, the striking vocals of Adrian Smith, minimalism, experimentation, all wrapped up in tremendous amounts of angst.

The new direction of CLICK CLICK is all the more promising since they refused to follow the guidelines of their own past. This EP puts them once again in the forefront of the Electronic and Industrial scene.


01. Rats In My Bed – 5:07
02. Limb From Limb – 4:51
03. Damage – 3:30
04. Left For Dead – 4:57
05. From Your Mother To The Grave (Damage Remix) – 3:44
06. Weapon Of Choice (Left For Dead Remix) – 5:02
07. Psychoplasmix (Rats In My Bed Remix) – 7:09


Adrian Smith
Derek Smith
Graham Stronach
Jon Morris
Pete "Luton" Hosier

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clickclick skinandbones


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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