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annettlouisan introHalle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
7th December 2011
Annett Louisan

It was cold and windy on that Wednesday evening, when ANNETT LOUISAN was celebrating her final show of the current “Aus Meiner Mitte” tour. Since a last show is always something special, also this one had a few surprises for band and audience in stock…

Berlin based Annett Louisan‘s real name is Annett Päge. The second name of German singer is taken from her grandmother Louise. Her first album ‘Bohème’ was released in 2004 and made it to position 3 of the German charts. After she already released four albums, the fifth one, ‘In Meiner Mitte’, was released in March 2011 and is followed now by a tour. For this tour she was coming with a whole band of course, consisting of band leader and guitarist Hardy Kayser, Mirko Michalzik (guitar), drummer Christoph Buhse, Olaf Casimir (big bass), Jürgen Kumlehn (guitar) and Friedrich Paravicini (accordion, Wurlitzer, cello, harmonica). / /


Music & Performance
When you had a look at the stage you felt a little like in a small and cosy club where soon a chanson singer would perform. At the left side, a part of a living room with old-fashioned lamp, chair and a bar was set up. The band was placed behind and on the right side of stage. There was also a stair from stage into the audience to be used later. The show started with a long intro and finally Annett appearing on stage starting with the title song of her current album, ‘Aus meiner Mitte’. Annett has grown up. With the current album she proved again, live is change! And so, she presented a lot of different styles, even though all songs still have that chanson base. Besides Chanson, there was Folk, Pop, Caribbean sounds, a dose Punk, Rock, Polka, a-capella, a little waltz or Bossa Nova, Funk or Soul, always supported by her strong band accompanying her thoughtful lyrics. Besides sarcastic and ironic lyrics like ‘Pärchenallergie’ or ‘Torsten Schmidt’ you also got brittle and very sad songs like ‘Ende Dezember’ about the death of a beloved one, or ‘Vorsicht! Zerbrechlich’ presented with a very brittle voice making tears filling your eyes. And than, there were some funny songs, like ‘Mama will ins Netz’ telling how her mom tried to get access to the internet and all the difficulties that might occur when you are a DAU. My faves were definitely the sad and brittle ones, really touching causing me goose bumps all over.


As told at the beginning, the last show of the tour had a lot of surprises and jokes to offer. For example, when she sang the line “Und würdest du für mich mal kurz auf die Uhr seh´n” in ‘Würdest du’, Friedrich on cello was holding up a big clock what made Annett laugh so hard she just forgot the next lines of the song. During ‘Pärchenallergie’, she got a little plush Santa Claus and after the first verse of ‘Die Katze’, Annett changed roles with Olaf on big bass who took over the vocals singing new lyrics for the next verse which were really funny and made anyone laugh, including Annett who had problems singing the next one herself again. Then towards the end, anyone in the first row was holding up a sign with “Miau” written on. Very sweet! During following ‘Chancenlos’, Annett was coming down from stage and walked through the audience when she performed that song. So, you had the chance to be very close and when she was standing right in front of me, I realised how small that woman really is. Sarcastic ‘Torsten Schmidt’ marked the end of the first part. The band was leaving the stage to give anyone about 20min time for drinks and stuff.


Back in a new dress, Annett opened the second part of the show was with ‘Schlaf’ followed by ‘Rosenkrieg’ (War of the Roses) when Annett got a prepared bunch of red roses getting really heavy after a while since it was so big. Some more songs followed including well-known ‘Das alles wär nie passiert’ before the set ended with the German version of CHARLES AZNAVOUR’s classic, ‘Spiel Zigeuner’. Then, the whole band bowed in front of the audience and received a lot of roses thanking for a great concert. But no show without encores, especially when some classics were still missing. When the band returned, Annett asked the audience to come closer to the stage. ‘Die Dinge’ and ‘Verschwinde’ followed before the band left stage again. Finally, the last show of the tour ended with the first big hit of Annett, ‘Das Spiel’ and a wonderful cover version of Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Moon River’. What’s left to say? I did not see a show of her before and was going there without any expectations. I was really surprised about the show, her appearance, the band and the songs itself. Time was flying and the show came much too fast to an end, even though she played nearly three hours (including the break). Highly recommended!


01. In Meiner Mitte
02. Würdest Du
03. Allein und beisammen
04. Pärchenallergie
05. Die Katze
06. Chancenlos
07. Mama will ins Netz
08. Patamm
09. Auf der Jagd nach Mr. Big
10. Ende Dezember
11. Stell Dir vor, dass oben unten ist
12. Torsten Schmidt
13. Schlaf (Morgen früh bist du zurück)
14. Rosenkrieg
15. Zweite Chance
16. Vorsicht! Zerbrechlich
17. Drück die 1
18. Das alles wär nie passiert
19. Spiel Zigeuner (Charles Aznavour cover )
20. Die Dinge
21. Verschwinde
22. Das Spiel
23. Moon River (Audrey Hepburn cover)

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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