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confession thelongwayhome
Artist: Confession
Title: The Long Way Home
Genre: Hardcore/ Deathcore
Release Date: 3rd February 2012
Label: Lifeforce Records

Album Review

‘The Long Way Home’ is CONFESSION’s sophomore effort, and they still sound like they’re going strong. This Australian quintet is most recognizable for the use of snarls from Michael Crafter, formerly vocalist from I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN and BURY YOUR DEAD, but he isn’t the only talented one in the group. With a balance of clean, more melodic vocals from Dan Brown and the musical ensemble of guitars by Adam Harris, bass by Tim Anderson, and drums by Shane O’Brien. Together, the music is based on chock full aggression, yet catchy rhythms sometimes with layered guitars and a interplay of harsh and clean vocals back and forth; consider this a more Deathcore/ Metalcore based idea of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. The album opens with the driving, blood pumping ‘Into’ before leading into ‘Confused/ Hopeless’. Much of CONFESSION’s music is based off this style with the repetitive, chugging riffs mixed with more melodic, rock oriented choruses. The growls are often mitigated with Hardcore based chants which brings more of an anthem quality to track and every once in a while Dan Brown enters with his clean singing (sounds a bit like FALL OUT BOY).

While this album may seem short, the album is built upon solid music. Most of the music is basic chugging, but the driving power combined with the drums is just massive and energetic. ‘Nearly 30’ features one of the best Hardcore anthems since ‘Decimate The Weak’ by WINDS OF PLAGUE. Other tracks like ‘Gimme ADD’ seem a bit juvenile and with the fuzzy production churns about like a generic Deathcore/ Hardcore track; if the clean vocals were not included it would probably easily be passed up. And the tracks that don’t feature clean vocals still sound extra heavy to keep attention grounded, though fans may miss them because they add an overall versatility to the music. ‘Heartless’ is the only track to actually start “slow”, rather than charge in with guitars blazing, and the band does an excellent job at letting the percussion take that lead, creating a simple but wonderful atmosphere before the guitars come in. Overall, this is an excellent mix of Hardcore/ Deathcore that adds some Metalcore melody for those who feel either genre is a bit silly on their own. Most of the tracks here are inspirational and enjoyable to hear, if not for the lyrics, then simply for the rhythms.  


01. Intro - 1:01
02. Confused/Hopeless - 2:31
03. I Created This Horror - 2:19
04. Piece By Piece - 2:28
05. Asthma Attack - 2:43
06. Gimme ADD - 3:05
07. Nearly 30 - 3:21
08. The True Shine Through - 2:29
09. Heartless - 4:04
10. The Long Way Home - 4:12


Michael Crafter - lead vocals
Dan Brown - guitar, clean vocals
Adam Harris - guitar
Tim Anderson - bass
Shane O'Brien - drums, percussion


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confession thelongwayhome


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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