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Artist: Beta Plus Embryo
Title: Time Kills Everything
Genre: Industrial Rock
Release Date: 2nd March 2012
Label: Spiralchords Records

Album Review

The American outfit BETA PLUS EMBRYO started up back in 2007 and upon releasing their first EP 'Time Kills Everything' gained some widespread critical acclaim. In Europe, that release went largely unnoticed. So it takes until 2012 for 'Time Kills Everything' to become exposed to larger audiences. The journey starts with the off-beat of the title track and its laid-back guitar work before it all pulls together for a lacerating dance on top of a volcano. The following 'Disappear Here' is largely dominated by its electronic ingredients but develops the habit to jump between those and the harsh rock parts rapidly. Always going to keep you guessing. AS far as ballads on this album go, 'Insatiable Desires' is the closest we've come across yet, if it weren't for the violent bursts occasionally popping up. . The compact 'From Within' is straightforward and downright contagious due to its unlimited energies without the use of too many electronics.

'Dismantle' takes the calm roots of 'Insatiable Desires', adds form slices of desperation and rage, and creates on of the most intense tracks on the record. 'Cog In The Machine' goes for the alternative way of doing things, literally. Glimmers of post-punk included. For the most part building on straightened rhythms with a few shifts it's planting the seed of heavy dancing in you. The closing track 'The Swarm' favours the relentless precision of a drum machine, which in this case has a little twist to it. The drum-machines we're talking here are the computer and the ban's drummer. Insane how the track switches from electronics to acoustic drumming without losing pace, just to slow down towards the emotional ending! 'Time Kills Everything' certainly is nothing for the narrow-minded. Nothing for this who despise every use of electronics in guitar-based music. For all the others, be sure to check this band out!


01. Time Kills Everything - 4:32
02. Disappear Here - 3:24
03. Insatiable Desires - 3:19
04. Enemy Waters - 3:39
05. From Within - 3:20
06. Dismantle - 4:29
07. Cog in the Machine - 4:14
08. Temper the Shape - 4:29
09. The Swarm - 4:33


Nick Baron - Vocals/Guitar/Programming
James Maltese - Guitar/Programming
Bowski – Bass
Steve Gallo - Drums


Cover Picture

bpe time


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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