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andone shoutsofjoy
Artist: And One
Title: Shouts Of Joy EP
Genre: Synth-Pop
Release Date: 30th March 2012
Label: Synthetic Symphony / SPV GmbH

Album Review

AND ONE keep on adding fuel to the flames of fans’ anticipation of the forthcoming album ‘S.T.O.P.’. Recent changes in the line-up in no way affected the creative prolificacy of one of the German Synth-Pop scene leaders: they have already released ‘Back Home’ EP in January and recently handed out ‘Shice Guy’ EP as a free present for their fans. And finally, the longed-for studio album ‘S.T.O.P.’ is coming out on the 25th of May.

Just like on the previous EP, the title track starts solemnly and darkly, reminding of band’s earlier works, then the characteristic beats set in, bringing all AND ONE trademark features. But then the chorus comes up and it feels like an explosion: melodious, anthemic, energetic, infectious and simply grandiose with the irresistibly sweet 80ies touch! This song does make you want to “find your way to raise your voice for the shouts of joy”. A perfect track to dance to at a club, to relish in your headphones on your own and of course to unite with the audience singing along at a live show. In ‘Perfect White’, another spooky intro turns into a leisurely and peaceful romantic song, probably a bit too smooth, as the intro seems to be its only remarkable point. Nevertheless ‘Perfect White’ sets off the insinuating “S.T.O.P. was an Inside Job!!!”, that DJs and VJs should better listen to, as it directly concerns their life and well-being in the best ironic way of distinctive AND ONE humour.

A charming piano version of ‘Back Home’ - ‘Back Home (Ohne Trix Mix)’ - should have been a successor of band’s tradition of including live versions on every EP, and it is, in a way, just being a guest from the future, recorded “at April 2014, New Orleans - Missing Hall”, according to the YouTube description, where it has been uploaded as a teaser. By the way, the titles of all remixes are worth paying attention. Unlike the dispiriting majority of remixes on such kinds of releases, representing nothing more but insignificantly altered original song, two closing remixes of this EP are full-grown, entirely different and brilliantly performed versions of the title track. The only thing they have in common is the lyrics, which makes them really exciting to listen to. An obvious allusion in the very title of ‘Shouts Of Joy (Stave Nagahani Mix)’ suggests what it may sound like and it does the title justice, encasing the lyrics in springy minimalistic synths with slightly vocoded vocals in the refrain. The next ‘Shouts Of Joy (You Ryth Mix)’ is a punching, insane, bursting EBM-hurricane, that storms in your ears and whirls you away in its vehement drive.

‘Shouts Of Joy’ EP sets the expectations of the new album even higher than before. Once again AND ONE prove their mastery not only of making good, enjoyable and club-compatible music, but also of producing interesting versatile remixes. This release presents a recipe for a good EP: catchy title-track, 2 exclusive songs and tasty mixes, which makes it totally worth buying.


01. Shouts Of Joy (Club Mix)
02. Perfect White
03. S.T.O.P. was an Inside Job!!!
04. Back Home (Ohne Trix Mix)
05. Shouts Of Joy (Stave Nagahani Mix)
06. Shouts Of Joy (You Ryth Mix)


Steve Naghavi – vocals, music, management
Joke Jay – music, vocals, live-drums
Rick Schah – music, live-keyboards

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andone shoutsofjoy


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: remixes
Total: 9 / 10

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