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andone backhome
Artist: And One
Title: Back Home
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 13th January 2012
Label: SPV (Synthetic Symphony)

EP Review

After the dramatic parting with Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli followed by the happy reunion with former band members Joke Jay and Rick Schah and affiliation of a new keyboarder and co-producer Nico Wieditz, one of the biggest German Synth-Pop acts AND ONE are revving up their engines to the full power. Not only are they coming ‘Back Home’ on January 13th, but also they are setting off for “The Cover For The Masses Tour”, which will consist of covers of DEPECHE MODE on 50% and will be supported by such eminent bands as COVENANT and WELLE: ERDBALL.

The club mix of the title track commences with the sound of siren that brings back certain associations with old classics. As the track goes on it proves to be a classic AND ONE hit that embraces danceable beats, springy melodies, straightforward signature sound that makes you unconsciously tap your foot, and of course the prominent leading voice of Steve Naghavi conveying self-ironic lyrics full of hints and allusions. A nice adornment of this song, which was omitted in two other remixes, is a melodious and extremely catchy part with sensual female vocals. Then comes mellow and touching ballad (that has become a necessary element of the band’s EPs) - ‘Wounds’ - melting and wrapping around you track, self-critically acclaimed by the band as Naghavi’s whining. Well, if someone whines in such a way I can only kindly ask them to whine more and more, because AND ONE’s ballads possess this captivating charm, which makes you enjoying them, despite the considerable lack of difference between them. ‘Rick’ contrasts with the previous track, being light and cheerful early-80s-disco-styled song that, as it is said, explains to Rick Schah why he was shut out of the Bodypop Studios for two days.

Any of the latest AND ONE EPs is impossible without a live version of a song and this one isn’t an exception. ‘High’ recorded at the show in Peine (Germany) represents an interpretation of the song by its composer Joke Jay, who enhances its party-compatibility. The ‘Mixed Conditioner’ version of the title track minimizes the arrangements and assigns primary importance to the rhythm. The ‘Berlin Mixer’ version adds drive and atmospheric synths that make it sound darker. At the end of the release the band has a surprise in store for the listener in the form of synth-rocky ‘Missing Track’, that is said to be a cover of ‘The Missing Band’. Quite unexpected style for the band to play with, but the result is undoubtedly successful - romantic, gentle and stirringly atmospheric up-to-date love song. After the portion of silence it turns into the menacing warning filled with creepy sounds and ominous voice, which again reminds of the good-old times and makes the composition of the EP complete.

So, we have here an EP in the best traditions of AND ONE with all part and parcel of their trademark sound polished and glossy. You've got to hand it to them - avoiding essential changes or experiments they still make their music interesting and enthralling thing to listen. ‘Back Home’ EP raises a question - have AND ONE really been somewhere else? As for me, I don’t think so. But it’s the listener, who is to decide.


01. Back Home (Club Mix)
02. Wounds
03. Rick
04. High (live in Peine, The Original)
05. Back Home (Mixed Conditioner)
06. Back Home (Berlin Mixer)
07. Missing Track


Steve Naghavi – vocals, music, management
Joke Jay – music, vocals, live-drums
Rick Schah – music, live-keyboards
Additional (live) member Nico Wieditz

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andone backhome


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: live version and remixes
Total: 8 / 10

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