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introHaus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
9th May 2015
And One & Beyond Obsession

Last time I saw AND ONE I left the show earlier because Steve was talking too much about too many political things. This time I wanted to stay and see what happens. A friend convinced me to go there and check out what is now going on with the “Trilogie Supershow 1” tour, the new but old band members, and BEYOND OBSESSION as a support act. And so I made my way to Leipzig’s Haus Auensee, caught a place in the second row and was pushed and insulted by a guy looking like an aggressive security guy mixed with an old punk-rock west, smelling like a bum – and being drunk. First thought this day: I want to go home, I don’t need to have things like this. But I stayed…

Beyond Obsession

Formed back in 2012 the band is not existing since such a long time, as you see but already has a contract with Popgefahr records and was playing as the support of CAMOUFLAGE before. And if you didn’t know – Nils Upahl is a huge Martin Gore fan, while his band members Sören and André are something like neighbours. Yes, a few information taken from an interview as there is not so much to find about them online. /


Music & Performance
I fell in love with the band last year, when I was joking around with André of him thinking I was stupid before we met for the first time and then had to admit that I’m quite lovely. I can give this compliment back to him and of course to Nils and Sören. With their a little 80’s Synth pop and Nils’ strong voice, the band could catch the audience’s attention. Ok, there have been those huge fan people in the front row who could sing along all the lyrics while the rest was just standing there, trying to find out if they would like the band or not. Nils has a really powerful voice and he did not only improve his haircut but also his stage performance. The tour with AND ONE seems to have made the band more confident about themselves and more powerful. André and Sören were smiling a lot and nearly everyone in the venue was singing along when they played their cover of ‘Never turn your back on mother earth‘, some of you may also know it in the Martin Gore version.


I can really recommend this band. Have a look at their website, check their still available free download and please don’t make the mistake to type them into YouTube and watch the really horrible videos from the CAMOUFLAGE tour. They are much better than this. Personal highlight and their most recommendable song is ‘Song for the Dead‘, which can be found on their current album ‘Pieces of Machinery‘.

01. Intro
02. Cold Side of Bed
03. Nothing like that
04. Pieces of Machinery
05.On my Way
06. Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
07. Song for the Dead
08. Tokio Underground (Hartung+Schleinitz RMX)

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10


And One

After Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli were leaving the band, AND ONE now consists of Rick Shah, Joke Jay, Nico Wieditz and of course Steve Naghavi. AND ONE released their debut single ‘Metalhammer’ in 1990. The first album, ‘Anguish’ followed one year later. Up to the mid-nineties the band released one album every year and of course several singles. The song concept is still the same: significant bass line, typical AND ONE synthesizers and Steve Naghavi's great voice. /


Music & Performance
Entering the stage without saying a word and having an audience starring o the stage direction, waiting for what may come now, Steve Naghavi and his band mates had a perfect intro. Someone called him once “ a perfect car seller“, I guess he is. Steve understood how to entertain, to get people’s attention, to make things dramatic. The band started with ‘An alle Krieger‘ and the whole venue was singing along. Wow. Going on with classics like ‘Wasted‘ or ‘Steine sind Steine‘, Naghavi satisfied everyone’s needs. I wondered why he looked so tired and why he was not talking between the songs, why he was really silent.


I guess, I have never seen him more silent and less joking. I mean, I was entertained, he did a great job - no matter what he did on stage, it was perfect. But I missed a few of those jokes, sometimes self-ironic, which he is well-known for. Maybe he was just too tired by touring or a flue was on his way, we’ll never know. The audience, highly excited, was singing along ever single song, though some of them were more than drunk. I have never seen a more drunk audience, noticed people arguing, pushing each other around outside in the smoking area, saw men getting on girls nerves and noticed that some people were hardly able to stand, walk or talk. A really negative thing in my eyes. I know, the band is not responsible for what the audience is doing, but I really have to criticise it as it was just horrible.


People, I just don’t get why you pay for a ticket, then get more than just wasted, don’t even notice what’s up on stage and then stumble home. You all don’t make a fool of yourselves, you also annoy other people there. But back to the bands performance: Personal highlights of this show were ‘Driving with my darling‘ and ‘Sternradio‘. The second highlight song made me remember all those Saturday club nights, when a friend of mine and I sat in her old car, singing this track and tried to get to Magdeburg for dancing. Thank you for bringing back those memories.


In the end I can say that AND ONE did a great job, I don’t know any band who is that much entertaining since years and who is playing nearly 40 tracks at one evening. See you next time at M’era Luna!

01. An alle Krieger!
02. Wasted
03. Goodbye Germany
04. Zerstörer
05. Steine sind Steine
06. The Other Side
07. Everybody Lies at Night
08. Krieger
09. Somebody's Song (Condition One cover) (Nico Wieditz on vocals)
10. Unter meiner Uniform
11. Traumfrau
12. But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode cover)
13. Für
14. Mirror in Your Heart
15. Love Me
16. Für immer
17. Zeit ohne Zeit
18. Keiner fühlt's wie wir
19. High
20. Get You Closer
21. Driving With My Darling
22. Die Stille vor dem Ton
23. Metalhammer
24. Männermusik
25. Deutschmaschine
26. Take Some More
27. U-Boot-Krieg in Ost-Berlin
28. Speicherbar
29. Sternradio (With ‘Photographic’ snippet by Depeche Mode)
30. Big in Japan (Alphaville cover)
31. Second Voice
32. Back Home
33. Techno Man
34. Military Fashion Show
35. Sometimes
36. Shouts of Joy
37. Pimmelmann
38. Klaus

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10


All pictures from the show in Oberhausen by Frank Güthoff

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