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beyondobsession momentsoftruth
Artist: Beyond Obsession
Title: Moments Of Truth
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 23rd September 2016
Label: Self-released

Album Review

Before "pop" became a dirty word, it was a privilege to be a pop-musician. Today, you have to say "ATTENTION! Contains pop!". Such is philosophy of Steffen Keth's (DE/VISION) label where the band was signed earlier, and BEYOND OBSESSION still stick to it. The label started with the only one same-called ('Popgefahr') DE/VISION's album. But it grew, and here we are listening to the second album, not released under the Popgefahr-roof, but the band still is not ashamed for its pop-music: BEYOND OBSESSION. They are one of the best representative synth pop bands today. Even if they started not that long ago, the band was founded in 2012, they organically joined the parade. No wonder they were opening acts for AND ONE and SOLAR FAKE. BEYOND OBSESSION also could be another proof that Germany shows the biggest appreciation for DEPECHE MODE; since this is probably the only country where there are so many bands, founded after and thanks to legendary Brits.

Listening to 'Moments of Truth' it is very hard to escape the feeling that you're listening to some B-Sides of DEPECHE MODE or ERASURE. Vocals, lyrics and musical canvas are nailed to the traditions of DM-movement, and maybe BEYOND OBSESSION have actually reached the highest level of this genre. Everything we love about 'Music for Masses' and 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' have been brought to life again in 2016. Olaf Wollschläger, also known for producing albums of MESH, BEBORN BETON and MELOTRON, joined the work on 'Moment of Truth', which can also explain the brilliant result. If it is good or not to mention other bands more than the reviewed one - is a personal decision of those who are about to buy this album. One thing is for sure, fans of everything what belongs to DEPECHE MODE galaxy will enjoy this album.


01. Louder than Me
02. The Weight of Your Words
03. Not My Home
04. The Moment of Truth
05. Can't Sleep
06. Ghost Pictures
07. Just Thought
08. Funeral
09. Memories Fade
10. My Quiet Moments
11. Night Driven


Nils Upahl – Vocals
Andrè Wylar – Keyboard

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beyondobsession momentsoftruth


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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