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archive thefalsefoundation
Artist: Archive
Title: The False Foundation
Genre: Trip hop / Psychedelic
Release Date: 7th October 2016
Label: Pias Coop

Album Review

It is difficult to talk about ARCHIVE, because they are too big for this world, and their music is too amazing to use words for it. What you need to know is there is a dozen people in the band as permanent members. It's more than twenty years of musical experience behind their backs as ARCHIVE. It's ten beautiful studio albums and an amazing whole soundtrack. It's magical trip hop from London. “Trip” would be the best description for ARCHIVE's ‘The False Foundation’. It's not only a journey in a dark vibrant world, covered with heavy storm clouds. It's a real psychedelic experience, which either drives you crazy, or opens new horizons - but rather both.

The highlights of the album are the singles ‘Driving In Nails’, ‘Bright Lights’, as well as a non-single ‘Stay Tribal’, which represents ARCHIVE generally very well. The structure of the album is ripped off: the songs start and stop in the most unpredictable places and manners, sound goes louder, quieter, starts over or loops. All this was done with unbelievable grace. The different levels of the tune and the vocals part creates a three-dimensional space inside your head. You might get desperate to find a right way to follow the track, but don't get frustrated - every part of each song is a beautiful piece, and a playback was created for you to replay. And trust me, you will want to listen to this album more and more, since there are so much details to discover. Don't force anything on this journey, just calm down and let it happen. Watch... I mean, listen.


01. Blue Faces
02. Driving In Nails
03. The Pull Out
04. The False Foundation
05. Bright Lights
06. A Thousand Thoughts
07. Splinters
08. Sell Out
09. Stay Tribal
10. The Weight Of The World


Darius Keeler - Songwriting, synthesizer, piano, programming, arrangements
Danny Griffiths - Songwriting, synthesizer, samples, programming, arrangements
Pollard Berrier - Songwriting, vocals, guitar, programming, arrangements
Rosko John - Songwriting, vocals, MC
Dave Pen - Songwriting, vocals, guitar
Maria Q - Vocals
Holly Martin - Vocals
Steve Harris - Guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Noyce - Bass
Steve Davis - Bass
Smiley - Drums
Mickey Hurcombe - Guitar, keys

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archive thefalsefoundation


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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