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ArchiveRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
4th November 2019
Archive - “25” Tour 2019

It’s been an extraordinary 25 years for ARCHIVE, spanning 12 studio albums that encapsulate restlessly inventive shifts in sound, vision and personnel that has ensured the music has remained fresh, dynamic and absorbing. To celebrate their anniversary ARCHIVE release ‘25’, a deluxe box set highlighting 43 tracks over six vinyl discs (or four CDs), with eight new compositions, including lead-off single ‘Remains Of Nothing’, a collaboration with Southampton’s BAND OF SKULLS. The vinyl box set also includes a 10” EP and exclusive 7” single (a collaboration with Steve Mason ex BETA BAND), plus a 160 page book of contemporary interviews with current and former band members and photos from ARCHIVE’s private collections.

The career of the group ARCHIVE has been scattered with encounters, disputes, departures and reconciliations. The only element not to have changed since the group’s creation at the beginning of the nineties is the duo Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths, the two almost despotic captains of the good ship ARCHIVE. At ARCHIVE, it is not only the personnel who are interchangeable: the music goes the same way, following the influences and cravings of the two leaders. Indeed, although ‘Londinium’ (the first album in 1996) was clearly rather dark Trip Hop, ‘Take my Head’ (the second album in 1999) was altogether more accessible, melodic and ethereal.

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ARCHIVE is a band that may impress on the album, but only really works live. On Monday the British honoured the small Grand Duchy in the Rockhal. Without any support band, it started at 8.30 pm and the light show, for which a stroboscope warning was signposted at the entrance, led the audience into the night. Within a very short time the band took up the whole room and created a great sound in the Rockhal club. Classics like ‘You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Bullets’ were not missing and were rewarded with a lot of applause.

01. You Make Me Feel
02. Fuck U
03. Pills
04. Bullets
05. Kings of Speed
06. Wiped Out
07. Pulse
08. System
09. Whore
10. Baptism
11. Remains of Nothing
12. Erase
13. Finding It So Hard
14. Collapse/Collide
15. Controlling Crowds
16. Dangervisit
17. Lights
18. Again

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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