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introGleis 22, Münster, Germany
17th May 2015
Chameleons Vox & MindSlide

The melancholy rock guitar wave of the CHAMELEONS is mentioned as one of today's biggest influences next to the sound of bands like JOY DIVISION, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN and THE SOUND by current new wave / post punk bands like INTERPOL and THE SOFT MOON. CHAMELEONS’ singer Mark Burgess dedicated himself for the last time to the greatest hits of the band with his new band THE CHAMELEONS VOX in the Gleis 22 where the “We are all Chameleons Farewell Tour” had one of its last dates. Bielefeld based MINDSLIDE were opening the evening.


Bielefeld based band MINDSLIDE came into being in October 2012 when the four members decided to form a band, even though all guys are not new in music business, playing in other bands of making music for many years already. First concerts followed in 2013 as well as their first, self-titled EP, out in September 2013. The debut album is planned for September/ October 2015. Musically, MINDSLIDE offers a mix of Wave, Indie, Post-Punk and Shoegaze whereas the voice of singer Steve is very remarkable. The band loves and is influenced by the music of the end-80s and from bands like PLACEBO, THE CURE, CHAMELEONS or JOY DIVISION. MINDSLIDE is Steve Bates (vocals, guitar), Mirco Rappsilber (guitar), Ingo Kaufmann (bass guitar) and Marcel Strathmann (drums). /


Music & Performance
For me, like for many other people in the room, this Bielefeld based band was totally unknown. The more I was – positively – surprised when the quartet started playing. MINDSLIDE layer melodic guitar sounds to enthralling Indie Rock where bass and drums form the musical base. Finally, Steve’s vocals are the highlight of the songs being sometimes relaxed and spherical, sometimes demanding and rocking. Soon after the start, people came closer to the stage since they obviously liked what they heard. Even though it was really, really cramped on the small stage where already the CHAMELEONS’ drum kit was built as well, the four guys delivered a charming show, presenting some of their songs being already released on EP but also a few new ones from the upcoming album. Well done! Convinced me and many other people. To quote on of the visitors: “The evening was already worth it, they were really good!“

01. Purple
02. Scars
03. Sublime
04. Tomorrow
05. She was my God
06. Sway
07. Slowdiving

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 7.5 / 10


Chameleons Vox

History starts with THE CHAMELEONS getting formed in 1981. They're standing in line with bands such as JOY DIVISION or ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, however never even getting close to the mentioned band's successes. Nevertheless, their first album 'Script Of The Bridge' is considered one of the most important records in Post-Punk today, and also the following little list of albums found not a little list of appreciators today. Due to death of manager and friend Tony Fletcher, the band disbanded in 1987. A reunion took place but never reached the class of early times again. The voice of THE CHAMELEONS, Mark Burgess, started anew with the CHAMELEONS VOX, incorporating besides him original drummer John Lever and adding two new guitarists and a bassist to the line-up. Currently, the band plays in following constellation: Mark Burgess (vocals, bass), John Lever (drums), Dave Fielding (guitar, keyboard) and Reg Smithies (guitar). /


Music & Performance
It is not very long ago when CHAMELEONS VOX played last time in Münster. Back then, I was really sick and had to skip the show. And so, even though I just returned 3 hours before from a very cold open air festival with nearly 40 bands, I had to see them this time. When CHAMELEONS VOX entered the stage to start their set with ‘Swamp Thing’, the club was really crowded towards the very back. And from the first moment, the mood was extremely good with people singing along and clapping as well as a band performing full of dedication. With their melancholic songs, an intricate multi-layered guitar section and the piercing vocals of Mr Burgess the band convinced from the very moment. The atmosphere of their songs is always special and the presentation in Münster was no exception and the charismatic live presence of Mark Burgess adds the missing bit to make it a celebration of good old times.


As usual, the band extended the actual songs with a few instrumental sections. This is when you feel like drowning in a sea of sound and, as I put this once before, in a certain feeling of nostalgia that you’re not getting particularly often these days. One of my favourites followed right away as second song, ‘A Person Isn’t Save Anywhere These Days’ off the legendary ‘Script Of The Bridge’ album. Another great moment for me was ‘Monkeyland’, a song that has not been played at one of the last performances I had seen. It is great which dynamics this song develops on stage. Final song of the main set was audience favourite ‘Second Skin’, being rewarded with huge applause. Of course, several more songs were played as encores to satisfy the demanding audience. Wonderful concert and worth the exertions after a ling festival weekend.

01. Swamp Thing
02. A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
03. Here Today
04. Perfume Garden
05. One Flesh
06. As High As You Can Go
07. Caution
08. Monkeyland
09. In Answer
10. Soul in Isolation
11. Singing Rule Britannia (While the Walls Close In)
12. Second Skin

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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