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130111JJS DeWolff P60 08P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
11th January 2013
DeWolff, The La La Lies

Tonight we see DEWOLFF perform at P60, supported by THE LA LA LIES, on the eve of both bands’ appearance at the prestigious Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen.

The La La Lies

THE LA LA LIES from Alkmaar, The Netherlands, is Sander Den Das (vocals), Louis Inghels (guitar), Chris Dekker (bass) and Jur Bruin (drums). The band’s name was inspired by ‘La-La-La Lies’, a track from the album ‘My Generation’ by one of their favourite bands, THE WHO. Having started off in 2008, they spent the first couple of years mainly on playing wherever they could, and on writing. Got attention from Dutch radio rather quickly, and had their “moment of fame” when they were invited to play in a prime time show on Dutch national TV. In 2011, they started writing and recording for their debut album ‘Pretty Tales & Promises’ which was released I September 2012. In November they released single ‘Poor Man’s Song’ from that album.

130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 03130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 01

Music & Performance
When THE LA LA LIES kicks of with ‘One Track Mind’, people are is still slowly coming in, but it does not take much time until they win the audience for their 70s-like punk rock. Direct, straightforward and tightly played. The opening song is followed by the tracks that have been released as single, ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Poor Man’s Son’. All in all they play 9 songs in their half hour show, 5 of which are on their album. Furthermore we heard the new ‘Oh Lord’ and their cover MC5’s ‘Shaking Street’. The enthusiasm of the audience grows with the band’s energetic performance and they leave the place ready for DEWOLFF when they finish their set with ‘Lies’.

130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 06130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 07

01. One Track Mind
02. Memory Lane
03. Poor Man’s Son
04. Dangerous
05. The Other Side
06. Shaking Street
07. Oh Lord
08. Sorry
09. Lies

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.2 / 10

130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 02130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 05130111JJS The La La Lies  P60 04


Raw, talented, original, energetic, young (very), a lot of qualifications apply to DEWOLFF. Things moved fast since Pablo van de Poel (guitar / vocals), his younger brother Luka van de Poel (drums) and Robin Piso (Hammond organ / vocals and occasionally, bass) founded the band in 2007 in Geleen, The Netherlands, when they were still teenagers (Luka, the youngest, only 13 years old back then). The guys play blues rock in the tradition of their idols from the 60s/70s like LED ZEPPELIN, THE DOORS, JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE and DEEP PURPLE. They covered the complete club circuit in The Netherlands, played the larger festivals also outside NL (Pinkpop, Lowlands, Bospop, Black Cross, Sziget, Zappanale) and have been received quite well outside NL. After a first EP in 2008, followed by 2 albums, they released their 4th CD titled ‘DeWolff IV’ in 2012. The track ‘Don’t You Go Up The Sky’ from their album ‘Orchards/Lupines’ and initially released as single in NL in 2010, has been released in Australia and New Zealand in 2012. In February, they will be doing some gigs in Germany, fly to Australia in March for shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and then are looking at a fully booked April in NL. “On a roll” is the appropriate expression…

130111JJS DeWolff P60 08130111JJS DeWolff P60 09

Music & Performance
DEWOLFF starts with ‘Evil And The Midnight Sun’ from their 3rd CD ‘Orchards/Lupines’ and continue with a nice mix of tracks from all 4 CDs. ‘The Only Thornless Rose’ and ‘Yellow Rat Magic Blues’ have become a fixed part of their setlist and after ‘Voodoo Mademoiselle’ and ‘Pick Your Bones Out of the Water’ it is time for what Pablo announces as “the psychedelic part of the show” with ‘Silver Lovemachine’ intertwined with ‘Birth Of The Ninth Sun’ from album ‘Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants’. At that stage the part of the audience that apparently came for the heavier stuff seems to lose attention and use this psychedelic intermezzo to get more beer and have a chat with their neighbours.

130111JJS DeWolff P60 02130111JJS DeWolff P60 07

At the first chords of ‘Crumbling Heart’ though, the focus is right back together with the enthusiasm and that does not change anymore until DEWOLFF ends the show as usual with their extended version of ‘The Pistol’. During the encore, the catchy boogie ‘Gold and Seaweed’, it is Pablo’s honour to conduct an award ceremony and hand the Jack Daniels guitar (the prize of a lottery among the audience) to the lucky winner, and to allow the guy to celebrate by playing some chords along with the band. After that brief ceremony the band finishes their 2 hour show in the same setting they started it in. Lights were not always what I would have hoped for, specifically on the right hand side of the stage where Pablo operated. On some positions he was completely in the dark. Apart from that we have seen a great performance.

130111JJS DeWolff P60 05130111JJS DeWolff P60 06

01. Evil And The Midnight Sun
02. The Only Thornless Rose
03. Yellow Rat Magic Blues
04. Medicine
05. Voodoo Mademoiselle
06. Pick Your Bones Out Of The Water
07. Silver Lovemachine
08. Birth Of The Ninth Sun
09. Crumbling Heart
10. Don’t You Go Up The Sky
11. The Pistol
12. Gold And Seaweed

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 8.2 / 10

130111JJS DeWolff P60 01130111JJS DeWolff P60 03130111JJS DeWolff P60 04

All pictures by Hans Schoo (

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